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News > Design studio VATIKAM in Paris recruits a team of designers

Design studio VATIKAM recruits a team of designers in the following specialties:
- specialists in the field of industrial design and 3D modeling;
- automobile designers specializing in interior and exterior of transport.

We consider candidates as for employment, so as for remote cooperation - freelance.

Requirements for candidates:

- obligatory education in specialty confirmed by diploma;
- obligatory possession of relevant programs;
- competent knowledge and fluency in foreign languages, English is required, knowledge of other languages is encouraged;
- experience in the specialization from one year and above;
- experience of working in a team;
- ability to tactfully communicate with customers and to present competently executed task;
- willingness to relocate for living in another country or region for permanent work;
- willingness to business travel to other countries.

Conditions of contract employment:

- recruitment according to work contract. Timing of the contract is 1 year with possibility of further extension depending on work results;
- salary from 2000 euros;
- probation period is 3 months;
- paid overtime;
- career growth;
- work location: our studio is located in the office building in the centre of Paris.

We will consider candidates of talented students willing to undertake an internship with us. Probation period is from 3 to 6 months. 
Interns who served internship with us and showed good result may be employed after defending diploma work.

Conditions of working with freelancers.

For some orders, which do not require permanent employment, we invite freelances to cooperation.  Conditions of working with freelancers for specific tasks are negotiable.

Terms of rendering CV and portfolio:

- send to our email to the administration of the project VATIKAM filled resumes, preferably with personal photo;
- it is required to place a portfolio on the website VATIKAM, in sections in accordance with your specialization, in compliance with the rules of the website usage.

Number of projects for posting on the website is not limited.

We will consider all of your resumes, carefully examine your portfolio. In choosing suitable specialists feedback will be via our administration.

Additional information.

For persons not residing in the European Union and the Schengen agreement, we will arrange the invitation for registration of the relevant visas and provide necessary legal support. 
For invited experts we will assist in search and registration of an accommodation.

Administration of the project VATIKAM

Office address: 3 the street of the Bourse 75002 Paris


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Думаю, многие заинтересуются...

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Я не против посотрудничать с вами.

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Интересное предложение!

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