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News > The Baroque style through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes.

The style of the 17th - beginning of the 18th centuries.

The Baroque style – is "a shell of a fanciful shape". The word "barocco" itself in translating from the Italian means "pretentious". This word briefly and meaningfully describes everything that relates to the style.

The main features are the greatness, the splendor of forms, spatial scale, massiveness, variability, dynamism, endless rhythm of curved lines and all sorts of lighting effects. The Baroque has combined two concepts – style and way of life. Associated with the museum style.

The Baroque style is one of the most luxurious and solemn styles, both in architecture and in interior design. Its purpose is to openly demonstrate the prestige and prosperity of the owner.

The period when the Baroque style in an interior has reached its greatest flourish falls on the XVII-XVIII centuries, but it should be noted that at present time there are still his followers –  people, without a doubt, extraordinary, avoiding the routine of everyday life and seeking to bring their homes to the models of palace art.

Colour range of the Baroque style: bright colours, rich play of light and shadow. Popular Baroque colours: white in combination with gold.

Ornament is floral, lines are twisting.

The main materials used in the Baroque interior – ivory, turtle shell, porcelain, pearl, mirrors, stone mosaic, marble, bronze.

Tradition of the style "barocco" – to upholster chairs, seats, sofas and other soft furniture with expensive fabric and fringe. Walls and ceiling are decorated with rich moldings, carved wood, beautiful gobelins.

Painting of ceilings, rich carving and encrustation, beautiful fireplaces, bronze and gilded pads on the furniture, baldachins, display cases, longcase clock decorated with bronze.

The furniture is rough, convexly concaved, lacquered. Chairs are dynamic in the form, armchairs, sofas, chaise lounges, round and rectangular tables with solid tops made of coloured marble or mosaic, legs in the form of female figures or heads of lions and rams.

Bed with canopy, secretaries, display cases, double wardrobes, mirrors, sculptural groups, vases, cartouche, etc.

Among the new pieces of furniture which brought with it the Baroque style may be called a dressing table for ladies, a commode with several drawers and also pedestals and display cases for sculptures.

Bathroom in the Baroque style

If you are a lucky owner of a spacious bathroom, it is possible to make its interior in an extraordinary way, selecting for these purposes, for example, an exclusive Baroque style. The decision in our days is somewhat extravagant, but at the same time good, if we are talking about a large area. Stylized under the Baroque style furniture and accessories will beautify the interior of your bathroom, bringing into its atmosphere aristocratism and elegance.

Then what is it needed to give the bathroom interior classic features of the Baroque? First of all, elegant faience: bath, toilet, sink fixed on a stylized table. You may also set here the Baroque cabinet, table with chair and hang elegant curtains with a classic pattern.

You are welcome to read the full article on the personal website of the author – designer Tatiana Antonchenko

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