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News > The mannerism style through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes.

The end of the 16th century, lasted about 25 years.

The mannerism is positioned as a transitional style from classic massive, monumental forms in decoration of interiors of the Renaissance epoch (the Renaissance) to the new style that promotes splendor and grandeur, luxury and pathos – to the Baroque style.

Mannerism (from Italian Manierismo – the pretentiousness, affectation from maniera – method, technique) – the name conventionally denoting stylistic trends, as well as a certain stage in the development of European, mainly Italian art of the middle and late XVI century. The name "mannerism" (from the word "manner") to the style was given by contemporaries, who perceived it as affectation — an appeal to the recent past, repetition of its finest achievements.

This stage reflected the crisis of the artistic ideals of the Italian Renaissance. Domination of form over content. The beauty of the separate part is more important than the beauty of the whole. Are typical: elongation of figures, intensity of poses (contrapposto), fancy effects related to sizes, lighting or perspective. Repetition of the best achievements of the recent past.

You are welcome to read the full article on the personal website of the author – designer Tatiana Antonchenko

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