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News > The Antique style through Tatiana Antonchenko’s eyes.

The architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome appeared on the islands of the Aegean sea.

Brief description in two words.

Harmonicity, integrity. The separation of utility and function of beauty.

Columns of doric, ionic and corinth orders are used, as well as sculptural portraits of mythology heroes, reliefs and bas-reliefs on the stone slabs.

Style’s colours: white, brown, terracotta, bronze, gold, colour of natural stone.

The picturesque paintings on walls and ceiling. Embossed pattern on vases, chests. In the ornament as geometric so wavy lines are used, and also spiral and twisted elements.

Furniture, decorated with gold, bronze with soft upholstery. Chairs are simple and served as a form for the later stylistic forms. Dining tables are low, trapezoidal, on three legs in the form of paws of animals.

Antiquity is also reflected in contemporary design projects. Bathroom in the antique style is striking by its gracefulness, strictness and luxury, that is why not 2-3 square meters is reserved for it, but quite a large space of 30 square meters. This style is characterized by strict geometric forms, brightness and refined simplicity, tinted by the colour of the stone.

The main thing for ancient baths is calmness because the ancient Romans and Greeks made the whole ceremonies of ablution, moreover so traditional that some forms even had its own taboo.

The antique theme in the small bathroom.

Unfortunately, the modern apartments provide you only with a tiny bathroom where a proper repair in the antique style would not succeed, but some items can be brought there, for example, to make the countertop under the sink or to stick a couple of columns on the sides of the bowl for washing.

But even a slight accent is quite appropriate, if you can buy the appropriate tiles and water faucets in antique. The toilet in the bathroom can be bought in the ancient Greek style or resembling a marble statue. This is also a certain touch of the Antiquity.

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