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News > Work Results of the International Association VATIKAM for March 2014.

Dear participants of the VATIKAM project! Today we are summing up the results of the third month of our contest.

As you could notice, two participants whose portfolios were in the top five by votes, are now missing from the project. We officially declare that users with the nicknames of Fuad (Azerbaijan) and Vera Gennadyevna Volkova (Russia) were disqualified for an attempt to falsify the voting results.

Now for the pleasant things. The project administration expresses gratitude to the most active and browsed participants of the project VATIKAM for March 2014:

Visual arts:

  1. Agektor (Riga, Latvia);
  2. Yelena Vladimirovna Vilkova (Serdobsk, Russia);
  3. Piasstro (Togliatti, Russia);
  4. Kraineva (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  5. Oleg (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  6. HAnder (Odessa, Ukraine);
  7. Ssgg (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  8. Braginsky Robert (Mukachevo, Ukraine);
  9. Grigoriy Zhad'ko (Novosibirsk, Russia);
  10. Gabunia Nika (Tbilisi, Georgia);
  11. Galitskiy Yuriy (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine);
  12. Natalia Shatrova (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  13. Nadia Lysakowska (Lviv, Ukraine);
  14. Svetlana Kruglova (Moscow, Russia);
  15. Yuliy Georgiyevich Petrov (Moscow, Russia).


  1. Natalia (Moscow, Russia);
  2. Yevgeniy (Arkhangelsk, Russia);
  3. Samara photo duet (Samara, Russia);
  4. Sergey Guryev (Yekaterinburg, Russia);
  5. Vladislav Petrovskiy (Odessa, Ukraine).


  1. Nir Vana (Yerevan, Armenia);
  2. Sophia (Krasnodar, Russia);
  3. Denis (Konakovo, Russia).


  1. Yuriy Tabachnik (Israel);
  2. Fakir (Tyumen, Russia);
  3. Dioneth (Irkutsk, Russia);
  4. Vera (Moscow, Russia);
  5. Antonina Maksimuk (Krasnodar, Russia);
  6. Natalia Krasnoschyok (Odessa, Ukraine);
  7. Nikolai (Samara, Russia).

Decorative and applied arts:

  1. Anna Sherstyachenko (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  2. Ksenia (Krasnodar, Russia);
  3. A.R.T (Lviv, Ukraine);
  4. Svyatoslav Shirochuk (Kyiv, Ukraine).


  1. Kamnerez (Orda, Russia);
  2. Dmitriy (Taganrog, Russia);
  3. Pyotr (Moscow, Russia).

Jewelry design:

  1. Valeriy (Bangkok, Thailand);
  2. Vladimir Yachmenev (Velikiy Novgorod, Russia);
  3. Aleksandr Shatokhin (Chelyabinsk, Russia).


  1. Yevgeniy (Architecture and project workshop AM-SEO, Moscow, Russia);
  2. VLADIMIR (Gelendzhik, Russia).


  1. Sergey Vladimirovich Belyanchikov (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  2. Aleksey Kapralov (Karaganda, Kazakhstan).

Interior Design:

  1. Andrey Korolyov (Moscow, Russia);
  2. Sergey Abramov (Yekaterinburg, Russia).

Web design:

  1. Nadezhda (Dubna, Russia)
  2. Kristina (Chirchik, Uzbekistan).

Street art:

  1. Street art duet Kifir (Russia-Belarus);
  2. Zoa art (St. Petersburg, Russia).

We are thankful to the students of the design department of the New Humanitarian University and to its Dean, T. N. Vilde, for active participation in the project and information support among the students.

We thank the members of our amazing Jury, a famous and talented sculptor Gevorg Gevorgyan and admitted masters of interior design Yelena Krutskikh and Dmitriy Litvinov, for their great works.

Each month, we will distinguish the best commenters. These will be the most active project participants who praise and criticize works by other contest members. The best commenters of March are: fashion artist Svetlana (Yekaterinburg, Russia), artist Aleksandr Avramenko (Yalta) and photographer Helena Deryagina (Riga, Latvia). The participant under the nickname Yasa gets our gratitude as the most strict and attentive critic and our invitation to host their works on the site to be objectively judged by other participants.

Dear participants, creators and viewers, connoisseurs of all arts! Currently, the site has over 2500 registered users and hosts over 2300 portfolios. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 93 countries and 1030 cities all over the worlds; the number of browsed pages has exceeded 300 000. We are very glad to have you with us, so let’s work together to make our project more vivid and interesting!

Administration of the project VATIKAM


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