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News > Work results of the International Association VATIKAM for January 2017.

Dear friends!

We summed up the results of our annual contest "Best works of 2016", you are welcome to read the names of the winners and laureates of the contest in the section “Contests”! Congratulations to the winners, thank you all for participating!

Detailed conditions of the contest "Best works of 2017" you are welcome to read in the section "Contests". In January the most number of votes scored the portfolios of designers Yulia Baranova (Russia, Moscow) and Nadezhda Vedrova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), our congratulations to the most active participants of this month!

Contest of furniture design "Furniture of a new generation" is finished, the results you may find on our website in the section "Contests"

On the website VATIKAM exhibition of the works by designer Tatiana Antonchenko is continuing.  Created by her the interior projects show not only high professionalism and creative approach, but also the ability to listen and understand customers, implementing their ideas, emphasizing in the interior clients’ individuality.

And also you are welcome to visit the sections "Jobs", "Contests", "First catalogue of the works of VATIKAM", "Membership in the Association VATIKAM", there you will find useful and necessary information!

Best authors of January:

Interior design:
Anton Sukharev (Russia, Krasnodar);
Konstantin Payevsky (Moscow, Russia);
Nadezhda Vedrova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);

Olga Kolesnikova (Russia, Ekaterinburg);
Tatiana Antonchenko (Belarus, Minsk);
Nadya Petrosyan (Russia, Moscow);

Tatiana Prostotina (Russia, Moscow);

Igor Chukin (Russia, Moscow);
RangEmotions (Russia, Moscow);

RangEmotions (Russia, Moscow);

Web design:
Morizo Digital (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);

Decorative and applied arts:
Alexander Chashchin (Russia, Prokopyevsk);

Anatoly Radishchevsky (Russia, Donetsk);
Igor Shumar (Russia, Mirny);
Irina Donchik (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);

Nadezhda Vedrova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);
Natalia Pryazhenikova (Russia, Zheleznogorsk);

Furniture design:
Nadezhda Vedrova (Russia, Krasnoyarsk);

Ekaterina Aristova (Russia, Kazan);

Graphic design:
Anna Makarova (Russia, Kurgan);
Inna Gulevataya (Russia, Omsk);

Natalia Domenetskaya (Moscow, Russia);
Oleg Minakov (Belarus, Minsk);

Branding and corporate identity:
Anastasia Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod);

Typography and fonts:
Marina Bagdasaryan (Russia, Moscow);

Sergey Meshkov (Russia, Tula);
Sergey Zhigaylo (Russia, Moscow);


Albert Belyaev (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod);
Chestor (Russia, Moscow);
Evgeny Pechenin (Russia, Novosibirsk);

Helena Deryagina (Latvia, Riga);
Mikhail Kretov (Russia, Belgorod);
Renee Augustine von Morren (Russia, Ekaterinburg);

Visual arts:
Aleksey Kalyakin (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Alexander Gektor (Latvia);
Anastasia Yaroshevich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Anna Makarova (Russia, Kurgan);
Andrey Polunin (Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny);

Arkady Paranskiy (Russia, Moscow);

Elena Sizova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Irina Ilfant (Russia, Samara);
Irina Yakubik (Russia, Moscow);
Mikhail Rudnik (Russia, Vladimir);
Sergey  Rybakov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg);
Zapta (Moldova, Chisinau);
Sergey Efremov (Russia, Moscow);

Sergey Prikhodko (Ukraine, Lugansk);
Sergey Sidenko (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk);
Tatiana Larina (Russia, Neftegorsk);
Tatiana Lukyanchenko (Ukraine, Kiev);
Valeriy Budanov (Russia, Moscow);
Veronica Bystrova (Russia, Novorzhev);
Vitaly Bigich (Ukraine, Krivoy Rog);
Yuri Sapozhnikov (Russia, Novokuznetsk);
Zakir Akhmedov (Azerbaijan, Baku).

In January 2017 the number of portfolios posted on the website exceeded 10 710. The number of registered participants has reached 8 127  people, over 87 484 images were placed. Our resource has been visited by citizens of 159 countries and 4780 cities all over the world, the number of browsed pages is more than 6 179 084, the number of regular visitors of the website is more than 150 689  people.

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If you have questions, suggestions, wishes, we are always ready to discuss them, our email

Administration of the project VATIKAM.


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