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If you like books about Harry Potter, if you are keen in fantasy and you are fond of European antiquity, then my tips for creating a Gothic interior are addressed to you.
Let’s examine this.

From all the theoretical information provided, I highlighted the main, accessible, which I can explain to you in simple understandable language.

A brief "biography" of the style:

The "birthday" of the Gothic style is the second half of 12th – 15th centuries.

The style of architecture that was originated in France.

This style is of a complex psychological state, it became the embodiment of the whole period of the Middle ages in the understanding of a modern man.

The Gothic style differs from other styles, having its own incomparable with nothing face. High, subtle beauty and sophistication. Huge lacy towers. In fragile, slender columns the verticality of structural elements is emphasized.


Also Gothic was called "Flaming Gothic", because the whole architecture of those times resembled tongues of flame.

One more the most important distinctive feature of this style are stained glasses.

Bright, sounding colours – are a characteristic feature of Gothic stained glasses. They will transform the windows of a country house, and in a city apartment will decorate panels on doors and niches (they need to be equipped with lighting), but not ceilings: this technique began to be used only in the modernist and art deco styles.

All interior details should contribute to creating the image of an old abandoned mansion. Colour scheme is moderately dark, using cherry, dark grey, purple tones. Gilded classic frames with patina, plenty of velvet combined with atlas textiles and elements taken from palace interiors.

Boards and tiles – on the floor. Massive dark board with embossed texture is the optimal variant for residential premises. Raised floor tiles in dark colours - square or hexagonal – will suit for interior in the Gothic style.

Painting of walls. From the Gothic times magnificent tiles and statues were preserved, but about wall paintings only experts are aware. Meanwhile they were used for decoration of walls of temples and dwellings.

A large fireplace. It is best to arrange it in a spacious hall. A monumental portal made of sandstone, carved wooden frame will decorate as real furnace so as the electric fireplace. Instead of a classical order in the decoration of “medieval” fireplace there should be Gothic and Celtic ornaments or heraldic emblems.

Chandeliers with forged cornices, on low hangers and with stained glass panels, torchers, which are stylized as outdoor chandelier (candleholders) will create a "medieval" atmosphere. Handles and knobs made of bronze or brass will give a "castle" appearance for the door panels.

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