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News > The style of ‘Provence’ through the eyes of Tatiana Antonchenko

The style Provence was named in honor of a region in the South of France - Provence.

The Provence style in interior design is one of the most popular because it is associated not just with the village, but also with the sea, the sun, the smell of flowering plants, that means with gorgeous rest in the bosom of nature.

All this had an impact on the aesthetics of Provence: sun-bleached colours, lots of living and dried plants, naturalness, simplicity, plain lines. One more feature that is typical of the Provence style is archaic. Life in the village is steady and leisurely – changes occur very slowly, and new trends catch on with great delay.

Designers, creating interiors in the style of Provence, are paying great attention to the choice of colour. It could even be said that the colour here is crucial. For decoration only pastel colours are taken to create the effect of sun-bleached surfaces.

The main colours of Provence are white, cream, beige, pale lemon, terracotta, burnt orange, the colour of sunflower petals, blue, pale green, celadon and lavender. Pastel shades of these colours are used for decoration and facilities, and furniture.

Provence style is the print of antiquity, dimness and charm. Slightly worn and cracked surfaces, old furniture, roughly plastered walls. Exactly from these components the Provence style is formed.

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Прекрасные образцы старины!
С удовольствием полюбовался!

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Спасибо, Василий! Очень приятно.

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Спасибо, Татьяна!!

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Ольга Ткачева

очень мило... я бы прекрасно себя чувствовала в таком интерьере...Браво! Татьяна. И С Наступающими Именинами ВАС!! Вы молодец!!

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Спасибо, Ольга!! Только сейчас увидела комментарии к статьям! Очень приятно.