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News > Warning for unscrupulous participants of VATIKAM project

To protect rights and interests of bona fide participants of the international contest and to prevent misdemeanor by unscrupulous and fraudulent project participants, the International Association VATIKAM is warning:

1. A contest participant must not register non-existing users on the VATIKAM website and get their votes.

2. Registration of non-existing users on the VATIKAM website by a contest participant or a representative thereof to artificially up-vote a participant’s portfolio is recognized as an attempt of fraud by vote falsification done to fraudulently obtain the financial reward from the prize fund of the International Association VATIKAM.

3. The guilty participant is disqualified, removed from the project and banned from further participation in the contest. The profile of the violator is blocked.

4. Comments to works by participants can be posted only in English or Russian. Comments in other languages shall be deleted by the Administration.

5. A decision made by the Administration of the project VATIKAM to remove a participant from the project and ban them from further participation for wilful and gross violation of the VATIKAM website’s Terms of Service and regulations of the international contest are final and not subject to appeal.

Website Terms of Service:

Contest regulations:

Administration of the project VATIKAM



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