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News > Congratulations on New Year 2017

 Artist Igor Belichenko

 Dear friends!

Seeing off the outgoing year, first of all, let us thank you for your attention and participation in the project VATIKAM. Exactly because of your activity and interest our common business exists, our creative resource is developing, acquiring popularity together with you.             

Three years ago in Paris it was registered an International Association of creative professionals VATIKAM. In February 2014 the number of registered participants has hardly passed a mark of 1000 people, now we have more than 13000 participants. The number of website users has increased to 140 thousand people from around the world. During this time our project was visited by users from 159 countries and 4665 cities. It is pleasant to note that the number of cities is steadily increasing, about 100 cities on a monthly basis.

Promoting and developing the project, we are trying to create new opportunities for our members such as appropriate job search and obtaining professional job orders. For that purpose we actively cooperate with international company INDEED, offering you new job opportunities.

You should pay special attention to the sections "Jobs" and "Freelance" on the site VATIKAM: here you are offered more than 500 thousand active vacancies in all developed countries and major economies of the world, including:

- USA more than 70 000,
- China more than 39 000,
- Canada more than 25 000,
- Japan more than 24 000,
- UK more than 20 000,
- India more than 19 000,
- Germany more than 10 000,
- France more than 8 000,
- Russia more than 7 000,
- Italy more than 3 500,
- Singapore - more than 3 000, and many other countries and interesting suggestions.

Today with the shortage of work and professional orders for designers and creative professionals, you are offered a huge number of interesting vacancies, where each of you may find suitable job and realize your potential, fulfill your own dream. Just don’t be lazy and take the time to look what you are interested in, you are willing to and, in any case, something relevant for yourself you will definitely find. Take the time to register on these pages and you will find employers and customers, because everything is done for you and for free.

We constantly hold personal exhibitions of the best participants’ works of our project, continuously carry out various creative and design contests, we are planning to release a catalogue of members’ works. If you would like to raise your professional reputation, promote your works and make yourself popular in the world, you are welcome to use these opportunities that we provide you. Use while we offer and you will succeed.

With great pleasure I would like to inform you that during these three years many of the participants and winners of our contests, who were awarded with diplomas of the Association, have become more popular. The price of their works significantly increased. We are pleased with the fact that many of our participants come to us with letters of gratitude, telling about their new successes and achievements obtained through our project.

We are preparing for publishing the first catalogue of the Association where our best participants may be included. All the information about the catalogue is on the website. The catalogue will be released only after a certain number of participants. You are invited to take your place in the catalogue and to contribute to your own promotion, while such opportunities are offered.

This year we issued a badge that will be handed to the participants when joining the members of our Association.

I am sure that this is not the limit but only the beginning of growth and long life of the International Association VATIKAM. Together we can develop and promote our Association, thereby promoting your works and your names, opening to the world new talents, enriching with your names the history of world culture and art. There are new steps of development and achievements to look forward.

Especially pleasant that the project VATIKAM was able to unite creative people of different formations and generations. Among our participants there are not only specialists who are looking for new solutions and use new technologies, but also those who preserve the traditions of classical art.

Warm and friendly atmosphere that developed among the participants of the project, the support you share with each other are very important both for us and for those participants, who do you support with your kind words and vote.

The combination of these factors makes VATIKAM not just a formal organization, but also a meeting place and a center of attraction for people who are spiritually rich.

In the last days of the passing year I with all my heart congratulate you all on the coming New Year 2017! I wish you to spend the holidays in a pleasant bustle and to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in the company of close friends, with family, with the most beloved and dearest people who have been and will be next to you, warming with their heat.

Success, pleasant meetings, joyful events, new achievements, health and prosperity to you and your families in the coming year!

President of the International Association of creative professionals VATIKAM
Kamo Saakyan

Paris, France
December 2016


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