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News > Results of the contest “New Year card”

Dear participants of the project VATIKAM!

The winners of the contest are:

In the nomination “Visual art”:

1st place: Vasiliy Zevin (Russia, Rostov-on-Don) - 13 votes;

2nd place: Vitaly Stroynov (Russia, Penza) – 12 votes;

3rd place: Andrey Domanín (Russia, Voronezh) – 10 votes;

3rd place: Irina Donchik (Russia, Krasnoyarsk) - 10 votes.

In the nomination “Illustration”:

1st place: Sergey Sidenko (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk) – 9 votes;

2nd place: Mikhail Ivanenko (Russia, Timashevsk) - 8 votes;

3rd place: Evgeniya Namakonova (Russia, Blagoveshchensk) – 7 votes;

3rd place: Natalia Novikova (Russia, Moscow) - 7 votes.

In the nomination “Photography”:

1st place: Helena Deryagina (Riga, Latvia) – 8 votes;

2nd place: Aleksey Chakilev (Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk) - 6 votes;

3rd place: Natalia Domenetskaya (Moscow) - 4 votes.

According to decision of the President of the Association VATIKAM a special prize in the form of placement of portfolio in the section "Favorites" on the website and an honorary diploma are awarded to an outstanding artist and teacher Valery Makovoy (Latvia, Riga).

A special diploma is awarded to the youngest participant of the contest Anastasia Tretyakova (Russia, Belgorod), we wish her to learn, to grow, to develop her talent further!

Congratulations to the winners and laureates of the contest "New Year card"! It was for us great aesthetic pleasure to look through your works on the winter holiday theme. We are sure that the visitors of our website also received joyful mood and felt approach of the holiday. Thank you for participating in the contest!

Thanks to all authors for their active participation in the New Year contest!

Administration of the project VATIKAM.


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Поздраляю всех победителей конкурса! Поздравляю с наступающими новогодними праздниками и желаю всем дальнейших успехов в жизни!