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News > 07.09.2013

On September 2013, the international designer project VATIKAM starts, its center situated in Paris.

VATIKAM invites designers of all areas, as well as specialists of art professions, masters of decorative, applied and fine arts, architects, sculptors, students and graduates of higher and secondary designer and art schools, to take part in a new international project, regardless of the country of residence.

The project invites as partners those employers that would like to get an opportunity to select staff out of the participants of our project with required specializations, along with a right to place vacancy advertisements.

VATIKAM offers to all participants a free venue for showcasing their works which further on will be taking part in our first “Best Works of the Year” contest. The contest is planned to start on January 1st 2014. The budget of the contest is set as 10.000 US dollars. More details regarding the contest will be available in a separate announcement.

To take part in the project, please get acquainted with the project rules and fill in the questionnaire in English specifying your contacts for feedback. It’s also preferable to add your personal photo.

Each participant of the project can refer to the project administration for all questions via e-mail:


September 7th 2013


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