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Alexey Zagorsky and Irina Klinova

Member since July 25, 2018

Alexey Zagorsky and Irina Klinova have been working together for more than 30 years.
They met when they worked as laboratory assistants at the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting in «Stroganovka», where their «creative» friendship began.
For seven years of work in Stroganovka through their hands (literally) passed hundreds of mosaics of very different students – artists, with different character and work handwriting. To observe, to analyze – this was the main school... Then work in KMDI, Centre of monumental and decorative art as artist-performer in the workshop of the Florentine mosaic, then in the «free flight».
In 1991 Alexey and Irina joined the Union of artists (now TSKHR), participated in Moscow, all-soviet and international exhibitions.
Works of outstanding mosaic artists is in the collections of Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Museum of «Samotsvety» in Moscow, in private collections of Russia, Lithuania, Vatican, «monumental» mosaics are in the Laura of the Holy Trinity and St. Sergius and in the Seraphim-Diveyevo Convent (the mosaics in the Laura and the «Troitsa» in Diveyevo were created under the guidance of the Father Manuel).
Since 1987, the mosaics of Alexey Zagorsky and Irina Klinova have been exhibited in the most famous museums and private galleries, and also at annual exhibitions (House of friendship of peoples (Moscow, Russia), All-Russian museum of decorative-applied and folk art, museum of Vernadsky RSA, «Golden Globe», exhibition hall Tushino Moscow).

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Andrey Domanin

Member since April 20, 2018

My artistic career started in the early 80s. At that time I joined brigade of artists-decorators, worked in Moscow, simultaneously studying not only design business, but art and painting from masters of Kiev and Moscow schools.
It was time to get into University, and I became a cadet of the Voronezh higher military aviation engineering college. Skills of design business and painting were also useful there: in addition to my studies I with great pleasure decorated and «embellished» dear educational institution.
After graduation, was assigned to the naval aviation of the Black Sea fleet, where in free from duties time was painting - nature of the Crimea impressed and inspired!
After retirement, still being quite a young man, I continued to do what I know best – to paint. Till this day I am painting, doing paintings in temples and buildings.
In painting I give preference to the old European school, also paint in impressionism - in the style that I love no less than classical realism. With pleasure participate in various creative contests, frequently taking prize places in them.

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Dmitry Litvinov and Yelena Krutskikh

Member since May 01, 2017

Dmitry Viktorovich Litvinov. Designer, graphic artist. Member of the Russian Union of Designers. Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute, Industrial Design specialized department. Worked as an art editor for the “Ural Pathfinder” magazine. Published books and magazines, illustrated over 60 books. Graphic artist. His works are in private collections not only in Russia, but also in France, Germany and the USA. Held classes in the Drawing specialized department. Currently holds the art director position in the architecture and design studio “Art dialogue”. Has undertaken more than 300 projects. The latest major work is the project for reconstructing the interiors of the mansion “Merchant Sevastyanov’s House”,  the former Labor Unions House (currently the residence to the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region).

Yelena Yuryevna Krutskikh. Architect. Member of the Russian Union of Designers. Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute. Held classes in the Drawing specialized department. Currently holds the director position in the architecture and design studio “Art dialogue”.  Author of the book “Interior of your home” which has become a training
manual for students of architectural higher institutions and for people taking interest in interior design. Has over 20 of teaching experience in the Architectural academy. Has undertaken more than 300 projects. The latest major work is the project for reconstructing the interiors of the mansion “Merchant Sevastyanov’s House”, the former Labor Unions House (currently the residence to the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region). 

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Gevork Gevorkyan

Member since May 01, 2017

Gevork Arutyunovich Gevorkyan was born on 10 September 1950 near the border with Turkey, in a small village Shenavan (rich district), Armenian Republic. In 1971 he finished the P. Terlemezyan Art School and in 1980 graduated from Yerevan Art Academy, the Department of Sculpture. Since 1982, G. Gevorkyan has lived in Ekaterinburg. He has been a member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1982, and a member of the Russian Union of Architects since 2009. He participated in various exhibitions, international, Russian, regional, and local.G. Gevorkyan is a winner of numerous competitions, Honorary Artist of the Russian Federation, professor at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, and Tatishchev and De Hennin Prize winner.

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Hrachya Vardanyan

Member since July 27, 2017

Vardanyan Hrachya Vladimirovich, architect.
Was born on 01.01.1955 in Armenia.
In 1978 graduated from the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, faculty of architecture and construction, on specialty "Architecture".

He started his labour activity in 1978 in the Special design bureau of the Ministry of Light Industry of the Armenian SSR, Yerevan.
For a long time worked in senior positions in district and municipal departments and in the Department of architecture of Yerevan.
In 1993 Hrachya Vladimirovich became a co-founder and the chief architect of the design bureau LLC "Hrachya Vardanyan". Since 2005 till present – the lecturer of the Department Of Architectural Design and Design of Architectural Environment in the National University of Architecture and Construction in Yerevan. Since 2009 is a Member of the Council for Urban Planning, Environmental Protection, Communication and Transport in the Mayoralty of Yerevan.

Hrachya Vladimirovich is the author of scientific articles and presentations in the press on studying the architectural component of neutralization the seismic risk in Armenia.
In the design bureau LLC "Hrachya Vardanyan" he actively takes part in architectural tenders, is also the laureate and the winner of national and international architectural competitions.

The main works of the architect:
1. Wellness centre of the Armenian Red Cross in Mughni.
2. Residential building at the address: Yerevan, Makar Yekmalyan str. No. 16.
3. Administrative business building at the address: Mger Mkrtchyan 22, Yerevan.
4. Residential building at the address: Yerevan, Marshal Bagramyan 1st deadlock, 2.
5. Residential complex on the street Tumanyan, city Stepanakert, Nagorny Karabakh.
6. The Central laboratory of the National centre of control and prevention of diseases M3 PA and regional laboratories in Lori, Gegarkunik and Syunik.

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Konstantin Paevskiy

Member since June 20, 2018

Designer, architect, landscape designer, objects designer.

Designed projects of reconstruction and improvement of the historic sites of Moscow, creation of green areas, memorial parks in Moscow and Moscow region. Worked out concepts of unique looks of exteriors and interiors of private, commercial and investment projects. The winner of the tenders for participation in the international Expo exhibitions, created concepts of brand awareness for different companies. More than 50 realized projects including private and commercial interiors, exteriors, landscape improvement of parks and private areas, exhibition stands and shopping pavilions in Russia and abroad.

The author of the furniture projects with the use of modern technologies and materials, maintaining the classical traditions and view to the future, which participated in international and national architectural contests. Among the latest important projects are reconstruction of the interior of one of the oldest pavilions of VDNH "Physical education and sport", memorial park "Alley of Fame" in the Moscow area, additional improvement one of the main attractions of Moscow – park Ostankino.

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Martin Ashkhatoev

Member since August 16, 2017

Georgia, Tbilisi.
Was born on 20.05.1958 in Tbilisi.
Has no artistic education. At the age of 20 began to draw.
In 1985 accidentally discovered extraordinary features of exposed photographic paper and began already to draw without paint, finding colours with razor under a black layer of exposed photo paper. Photographic paper does not forgive mistakes and it has a great effect.
There were made a lot of drawings of small formats (from 5x3 to 30x60) because of the shortage of large sheets of photo paper suitable for work. During 30 years of work with photographic paper a great number of works were granted, only a few have been sold.
The works are located in Russia, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Israel, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic. Under normal conditions, as ought to pictures, the longevity of storage of photographic paper is the same as for works performed on canvas or other material.
In the private collections the works of thirty years limitation are kept in excellent condition.

Personal exhibitions:
1) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 23.01.2015
2) the house museum of people's artist of Georgia Vakhtang Chabukiani 28.05.2015
3) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 04.04.2016

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Sergey Dorofeyev

Member since April 20, 2018

Born on May 8 1969 in Zaporozhye city (Ukraine).
Education: Academic School of Design, Moscow (cum laude).
Practicing painter since 1983.
Graduated from the Zaporozhye arts school.
Has worked in the workshop of the painter V. A. Piskunov.
Since 1990, takes part in a variety of exhibitions and works professionally.
Exhibits in arts salons and galleries of Moscow and abroad.

In 2005, graduated from the Moscow Academic School of Design, profession: interior designer.
Still, considers painting the main creative area in his activity.
Works by Sergey Dorofeyev are in a variety of private Russian and foreign collections.
Works in a range of genres (landscape, floristics, seascape, still life) and techniques (mainly oil and watercolor).
Personal website:
1992 – «The History of Peter’s Fleet» in France,
1995 – «Russian landscape» in Japan and Germany,
2007 – Exhibition of paintings in the Central Artist House in Moscow.

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Tatiana Antonchenko

Member since December 04, 2017

Tatiana Antonchenko – interior designer, architect, real estate developer, decorator, defectologist, publicist, creator and head of the company «Antonchanka Interior Development», design studio «3D Project», construction company «STROYA»
Minsk, Belarus

Member of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM (Paris, France) and the official representative of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM on the territory of Belarus.
By first education is a defectologist. Worked for 1 year in Minsk City Centre of Medical Rehabilitation for children with neuropsychiatric diseases.

By chance since 2004 began to try her hand in design and architecture. And not mistaken. That is confirmed by the diploma of the Belarusian state academy of arts, studying at L'université d'été en Sorbonne (Sorbonne University) Paris, France, Ecole du Louvre (School of Louvre) in Paris, France, Prague School of Design Akademie grafickeho design (Prague School of Design) Prague, Czech Republic and inexhaustible devotion and love for her profession.

Diplomas for projects in various contests in Belarus and Europe. Publication of articles on different websites and magazines, participation in charity projects, travels.

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Valeriy Granovskiy

Member since May 01, 2017

Valeriy Granovskiy was born on 26 of August 1954. Served in Navy. Studied in Kaspian Navy Academy and then in Kazakhstanian Politechnological Institute of V. Lenin, faculty of geological prospecting. Further he studied in Advanced school of economy  “Continent Nord” (Germany-Russia). Attended courses of business administration for top managers in Holland Company “Time Management”.  In his spare time he had interest in arts and gemology. In 1985 he started his own business.  Valeriy was founder of “ISKER” company of the jewelry and porcelain goods production. 
He was one of the organizers and the sponsor of art stream “Green Triangle” in Almaty Kazachstan. Mister Granovskiy
was the sponsor of exhibition of Kazachstanian Artist which was held in Berlin, Germany. Also he was the owner of Art and foto gallery “Foto erotica” in Almaty, Kazachstan. In 1993 Valeriy opened a manufactory of jewelry in Deli, India. 
Next he became co-owner of “SAVA” company in Cambodia that exported rubies and sapphires to Europe. In 2004 Altitude Company was founded by mister Granovskiy, in Bangkok, Thailand. At the same time he was developing
Alttico brand in Kazachstan. This brand had participated in many exhibitions and defile. In 2010 Alttico was featuring in fashion show with the demonstration of its’ jewelry sets organized by World Fashion, that was broadcasted to Europe, USA and Russia. Later the company became the organizer and co-founder of gemological service Kazachstan. Furthermore Alttico has developed and established standards and methodical materials to certify gem stones and jewelry. Also the teaching material and collection of jewelry stones were prepared for the opening of gemological school of Almaty.  In 2009 Valeriy Granovskiy became the General Director of Gemological Center in Kazachstan. In 2010 he established “De Grany” generic company with the same name brand in Bangkok, Thailand. From the beginning of Valeriy’s career (1985) he decided to introduce to the market the jewelry that is individually ordered and made from
a sketch to high-end. The concept of Valeriy’s company is to create a unique jewelry that will be a family heritage. Besides administrative duties Valeriy also has been creating jewelry design, selecting gem stones and developing technology for jewelry production.

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