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Albert Belyaev

Member since February 07, 2019

I am 47 years old, have two daughters. Live in Russia in Nizhny Novgorod. Like to travel and take pictures. My dream is to become a professional photographer. In general, I am a professional driver of the 1st class with the experience of 30 years. Became interested in photography about 15 years ago. And the first travel to the Gorny Altai made in 2014. Thanks to the friend photographer managed to get to more several beautiful places in Russia.

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Alexander Gektor

Member since March 27, 2020

Was born November 16, 1948 in the city Kramatorsk in Donetsk region.
After completing compulsory military service in the Soviet Navy, worked as an artist-designer at one of the industrial enterprises of the Republic of Latvia.
Simultaneously studied painting at the Moscow ZNUI (Correspondence People’s University of the Arts). Had to work a little in advertising. Now retired. Paint pictures with acryl and oil.

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Alexander Nikolaevichh Bezrodnykh

Member since May 10, 2021

Artist from Saint-Petersburg. Works in different styles of oil painting, and also makes to order copies of classical paintings (Dutch still life, impressionism). By profession – a muralist artist, that is a specialist in wall painting: mosaic, sgraffito, stained glass, fresco, mural.

Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Art College (1976-1980), the Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial College named after V. I. Mukhina (1983-1988) (now the Saint-Petersburg Art and Industrial Academy named after A. L. Stieglitz). Since 1988 has participated in exhibitions of the Union of Artists, as well as in the Central Exhibition Hall «Manege». Many works have been sold and are in private collections – «galleries»: in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Poland, Czech.

Made the mosaic of 200 square meters in 1989: the end walls of the House of Children's Creativity.

In 1990 took part in the mural of 345 square meters in the children's hospital.

In 1994 took part in the mural of the cathedral, semi-dome radius R-7m; height H-7m, Chernovtsy, western Ukraine.

In 1999 made 14 paintings, size: 60x80 cm «Christ’s road» for the church, Leba, Poland .

In 2004 and 2006 personal exhibitions were held in Poland.

Participated in the exhibition «International Art in Wessenschaftpark» (May 14-August 27), Germany.

In 2008 the personal exhibition was held in Sestroretsk.

2016-15.01.2017 took part in the contest from YAMANAGOLD, got shortlisted. Participated in plein-airs.

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Alexey Zagorsky and Irina Klinova

Member since July 25, 2018

Alexey Zagorsky and Irina Klinova have been working together for more than 30 years.
They met when they worked as laboratory assistants at the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting in «Stroganovka», where their «creative» friendship began.
For seven years of work in Stroganovka through their hands (literally) passed hundreds of mosaics of very different students – artists, with different character and work handwriting. To observe, to analyze – this was the main school... Then work in KMDI, Centre of monumental and decorative art as artist-performer in the workshop of the Florentine mosaic, then in the «free flight».
In 1991 Alexey and Irina joined the Union of artists (now TSKHR), participated in Moscow, all-soviet and international exhibitions.
Works of outstanding mosaic artists is in the collections of Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Museum of «Samotsvety» in Moscow, in private collections of Russia, Lithuania, Vatican, «monumental» mosaics are in the Laura of the Holy Trinity and St. Sergius and in the Seraphim-Diveyevo Convent (the mosaics in the Laura and the «Troitsa» in Diveyevo were created under the guidance of the Father Manuel).
Since 1987, the mosaics of Alexey Zagorsky and Irina Klinova have been exhibited in the most famous museums and private galleries, and also at annual exhibitions (House of friendship of peoples (Moscow, Russia), All-Russian museum of decorative-applied and folk art, museum of Vernadsky RSA, «Golden Globe», exhibition hall Tushino Moscow).

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Alisker Iskenderov

Member since March 22, 2020

Born in 1963 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Engineer technologist by education. Also graduated from the Azerbaijan public Institute of Inventive Creativity (AzPIIC), have two author's certificates. The winner of the Olympiad among universities in drawing. As a student worked in an Experimental construction bureau.

Became interested in wood carving 8 years ago and to this day it is not the only direction in the art of life of a master who deifies things with his heart!

I create and make with my heart and soul, I am engaged in ceramics, painting, modeling and many other no less important things. Was repeatedly noted in the press as Master Ali. Many of my works are in private collections.

The participant of the contests of the International association of designers VATIKAM, awarded the diploma in the category «Sculpture» in the contest «Best works of 2016». I had the honor to be invited to World Wood Day in the USA.

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Anastasia Alexandrovna Yaroshevich

Member since February 07, 2019

Was born in Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region (Ukraine). Graduated from Krivoy Rog chil-dren's art school № 1. Continued studies at the Kryvoy Rog National University at the faculty of arts, which graduated with honours. From the fourth year worked as a teacher of art history in children's art school. Six years taught art history, drawing, painting, composition at the faculty of arts of KNU. Graduated from post graduate course in specialty «Fine art» department of history and theory of art of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. Since 2001 regularly participate in international, All-Ukrainian, regional, city exhibitions and contests in home city, in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnieper, Kropivnitskiy, Beijing, Svetlovodsk, Novaya Kakhovka, Mariupol. Since 2005 a member of the Krivoy Rog organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Work as the head of «The artist Grigory Sinitsa’s museum-apartment» in Krivoy Rog. As the artist prefer easel painting and graphics. Works are in private collections and collections of galleries in Ukraine and abroad: in Poland, Russia, China, USA, Germany, Italy. At present held 13 personal exhibitions. The total number of exhibitions in which participated – 71.

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Anatolii Zhamoido

Member since March 22, 2020

Graduated from the Art school with honors. Worked as an artistdesigner, correspondent, entrepreneur, teacher...

Making sure that in the Soviet/post Soviet education system there is no possibility to work effectively, since 1995 together with several adherents on a voluntary basis within the established informal organization Children's Joint stock Company of the most open type* conduct classes with children and teenagers. Developing and implementing a New education system.

Author and co-author: series of encyclopedias, books, creative kits, popular science and web publications (the total circulation of sold copies is about one million),
documentary and art films.

Participant (and winner) of exhibitions, forums, festivals, conferences (including the international ones).

* Children's Joint Stock Company is an informal association created to overcome the lack of spirituality and culture in society, development and implementation of a New education system, reaching of panhuman, spiritual and creative potential of each child, each person.

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Andrey Domanin

Member since April 20, 2018

My artistic career started in the early 80s. At that time I joined brigade of artists-decorators, worked in Moscow, simultaneously studying not only design business, but art and painting from masters of Kiev and Moscow schools.
It was time to get into University, and I became a cadet of the Voronezh higher military aviation engineering college. Skills of design business and painting were also useful there: in addition to my studies I with great pleasure decorated and «embellished» dear educational institution.
After graduation, was assigned to the naval aviation of the Black Sea fleet, where in free from duties time was painting - nature of the Crimea impressed and inspired!
After retirement, still being quite a young man, I continued to do what I know best – to paint. Till this day I am painting, doing paintings in temples and buildings.
In painting I give preference to the old European school, also paint in impressionism - in the style that I love no less than classical realism. With pleasure participate in various creative contests, frequently taking prize places in them.

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Andrey Milovanov

Member since May 10, 2021

Born on January 27, 1963 in Novosibirsk.

In 1985 graduated from the Architectural faculty of the Novosibirsk Institute of Engineering Construction named after V. V. Kuibyshev.

From 1985 to 1988 worked as an architect in the KO VNIPIET, Krasnoyarsk - 26 (by assignment). After that I had a chance to work in various parts of our huge country – the USSR. In the course of my professional activity was engaged in the design of buildings of various typological purposes.

By me and under my leadership the projects were completed and working documentation was developed for various public, residential, industrial buildings and complexes. Performed works on reconstruction and re-profile of buildings for various purposes. Was engaged in the elaboration of master plans for urban public centres, microdistricts, districts and residential groups, design of landscaping.
Carried out projects of interiors and private residences. As a rule, it was necessary to design the most responsible, complicated and unique objects.
Most of my works were implemented.

I am a practical supporter and follower of the famous formula: usefulness, endurance, beauty. I believe that a true architect should be able to design everything: from the door handle and furniture to the master plan of a settlement, a city of any size, regardless of the complexity of the existing urban planning situation.

Over time and with the accumulation of life experience, I came to the conclusion that the real ideas of the maitres, the fathers-founders of modern architecture (Le Corbusier, Wright, Mies Vanderoe, Aalto, etc., up to Norman Foster) are shared, understood, competently applied in practice by a few dozen architects in the world.
I myself prefer and am a true admirer of the immortal architectural classics. The order system for me is a true, eternal, unsurpassed and unshakable ideal.

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Angelina Damenia

Member since April 17, 2019

Date of birth: August 7, 1972
Place of birth: Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
Education: Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, History and theory of fine arts (1990-1995).
Specialty: Art Critic.
Since 1999 - member of the Union of Artists of Georgia.
Since 2012 - member of the National Creative Association of Artists of Georgia.
Since 2017 - partnership in the Round Fund of Arts, Lyon, France.
Since 2017 - member of the Club of Professional Artists of Georgia.
Since 2019 - member of the Eurasian Union of Artists.
Since 2019 - member of the International Association VATIKAM.

Gold medal, first place in the category abstraction
(international online exhibition of fine arts «ART CLASH», New York, USA, 2016).
Winner of the American Arts Award in 2018.
Laureate of the Russian Arts Award in 2018.
Laureate of «Best works of 2018», VATIKAM, Paris, France.
Certificates and diplomas -
(USA, England, Switzerland, Russia, Hungary, France, Italy, Israel, etc.).
Personal and collective exhibitions — since 1990 to the present day
(details on the website
Most of the works are kept in private and public collections in different countries of the world.

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Anna Buravleva

Member since October 04, 2017

Artist, illustrator, designer. Creative nickname Sparkioshka (Sparkioshka). Have been drawing since childhood. Finished Buturlinovskiy art and graphic pedagogical college.

Currently I work at the animation studio Wizart Animation.

I work with both «traditional» materials and graphic editors. Actively participate in contests and exhibitions. Draw custom postcards and illustrations. Sometimes give individual lessons in drawing and painting.

I have had several personal exhibitions, participated in international and all Russian exhibitions and contests. In my portfolio there are several published books with my illustrations.

Many graphic works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. They were also issued as postcards in Lithuania, Ukraine, Austria and Israel.

In my spare time I do parachuting, horse riding, freediving, cycling.

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Artemy Saranin

Member since February 11, 2019

Designer, musician, decorator. The founder and the head of the Russian interior design studio HoReCa-ALLARTSDESIGN in Perm, in addition to design Artemy is the creator and the vocalist of the Russian group IKRA50.
Member of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM (Paris, France). Education – Moscow Academy of Painting, master.
We create only interiors of public spaces, mostly there are cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, clinics, hospitals, educational institutions for already 20 years. At present more than 500 objects have been realized in Perm, Berezniki, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Gubakha, Sochi, Samara, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg.
We do not publish projects and 3D pictures, because we believe that the ultimate result – is, after all, a release, but not pictures, which after construction may be very different or even do not correspond to the project at all! A not unimportant work is the author's supervision. It certainly affects the end result.
Have diplomas, letters of appreciation and awards for the implemented projects in various contests in Moscow, Perm, Novosibirsk and South America.
Publications of releases of the studio are presented in 48 countries, such as China, USA, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

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Arthur Kamilevich Sayfutdinov

Member since January 31, 2019

Born in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in the city Oktyabrsky.
For a long time lived in the Surgut district, where graduated from school, worked there in the oil company PLC «Surgutneftegas» as a machinist of process pumps, serviced equipment.
Studied after school at the Bashkir State University named after M. Akmulla at the art and graphics faculty, direction “DAA and design”.
At the moment lives in Moscow, works as a modeller in the studio of industrial design «Masshtab».

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Dmitry Litvinov and Yelena Krutskikh

Member since May 01, 2017

Dmitry Viktorovich Litvinov. Designer, graphic artist. Member of the Russian Union of Designers. Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute, Industrial Design specialized department. Worked as an art editor for the “Ural Pathfinder” magazine. Published books and magazines, illustrated over 60 books. Graphic artist. His works are in private collections not only in Russia, but also in France, Germany and the USA. Held classes in the Drawing specialized department. Currently holds the art director position in the architecture and design studio “Art dialogue”. Has undertaken more than 300 projects. The latest major work is the project for reconstructing the interiors of the mansion “Merchant Sevastyanov’s House”,  the former Labor Unions House (currently the residence to the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region).

Yelena Yuryevna Krutskikh. Architect. Member of the Russian Union of Designers. Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute. Held classes in the Drawing specialized department. Currently holds the director position in the architecture and design studio “Art dialogue”.  Author of the book “Interior of your home” which has become a training
manual for students of architectural higher institutions and for people taking interest in interior design. Has over 20 of teaching experience in the Architectural academy. Has undertaken more than 300 projects. The latest major work is the project for reconstructing the interiors of the mansion “Merchant Sevastyanov’s House”, the former Labor Unions House (currently the residence to the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region). 

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Ekaterina Borodacheva

Member since June 01, 2021

The artist-illustrator from Saint-Petersburg. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Born on July 27, 1986 in Leningrad. Studied at the Academy of Arts named after I. E. Repin at the faculty of graphics. In addition, graduated from the Leningrad State University named after Pushkin, having defended the red diploma on the topic «The art of illustration in a children's fiction book».
The first book with my illustrations was published in 2009 in the Meshcheryakov’s Publishing House in Moscow. Since then, book illustration has become the main line of my work. I managed to work with many publishing houses in Russia.
Besides that, in 2014 the book I illustrated was released in Germany as a gift edition. And in 2017 the fairy tale «The Three Bears» with my illustrations was published in Italian in one of the publishing houses in Rome.
The originals of my works are in private collections in Russia, Serbia, Spain and China.
My favourite technique is watercolor combined with coloured pencils.
In addition to books, I create author's series of illustrations for dishware.

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Elena Vladimirovna Brezhitskaya

Member since January 31, 2019

By education- theatre director, but by the will of fate has long worked as a journalist, a member of the Union of journalists of Russia. Fond of photography since childhood, at first I took pictures by intuition, then studied independently on books and master classes of famous photographers. When digital technologies appeared, and with them an opportunity to work more deeply on colour and light, photography became not only a passion, but also another profession - at the moment I work as a photo artist in the company «SenzArt», which my husband and I created.
The main genres in which I photograph - landscape, still life and digital art. My photos were published in the magazines «Geo», «Fotodelo», «Rosfoto». For four years in succession from 2008 to 2011 my works won the all-Russian annual open project «BEST of RUSSIA» and participated in the final exhibitions. In 2010 the project of the French publishing house «editionsarchipel» together with the site Photo-Russe was implemented, the result of which was a photobook about Russia by the name «Beauty of eternal Russia», which included and my work. Several of my photographs are in private Russian and foreign collections.

International photo exhibition «Life of objects» 2016. Exhibition hall on Bryanskom, Moscow.
International photo exhibition «RED2 2017. Exhibition hall on Bryanskom, Moscow.
International photo exhibition «YELLOW» 2018. Exhibition hall on Bryanskom, Moscow.
International photo exhibition «Melodies of spring» 2018. Exhibition hall on Bryanskom, Moscow.
International photo exhibition «What a wonderful world» 2018. Exhibition hall on Bryanskom, Moscow.
International photo exhibition «Distraction» 2018. Exhibition hall on Bryanskom, Moscow.
International anniversary photo exhibition «We are 10 years old» 2018. Tbilisi, the Museum of Contemporary Art by Zurab Tsereteli.

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Elyorkhon Abdullayev

Member since June 01, 2021

Graphic artist, industrial designer, digital art designer. Born in 1995 (Margilan, Uzbekistan.) The graduate of the Tashkent Art College named after P. P. Benkov (department of «Art of Graphics»). The graduate of the Moscow Academy of Art and Industry named after S. G. Stroganov (department of «Industrial Design»).
The participant and laureate of republican and international contests, design projects, scientific and practical conferences. The author of a number of scientific publications on the topic of industrial design, colour and music synesthesia.

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Eric Sergeevich Brezhitsky

Member since January 31, 2019

Born on June 18, 1971. Since childhood loved to draw, graduated from art school. In 1989 graduated from the printing school on specialty in typesetting on typesetting machines. Worked as a typesetter, printer of letterpress printing, offset printing, binder. After serving in the army, in 1991 entered the Pyatigorsk factory of souvenirs on the position of master-artist of the printing workshop. Since 1991 has been seriously engaged in graphic design, developed corporate identity for private companies, created elite presentational printing products, business documentation, packaging, outdoor advertising.
In 2008 created my own design studio and at the same time became interested in traditional hand engraving on metal. Read a lot, self-educated, corresponded with well-known world-level masters such as: Steve Lindsay, Sam Alfano, Christian DeCamillis, Ken Hunt, Phil Cogan, whom consider my teachers.

Currently head of creative company «SenzArt». In addition to traditional engraving on weapons, do jewelry design, develop jewelry style, in which harmoniously fits the classic British scroll.

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Evgeny Pechenin

Member since February 07, 2019

Photographer. Started taking up photography seriously in 2007 after first trip outside
Russia. Since then, began to regularly visit different countries with a camera in the hand. Yet in my traveler’s list there are 28 countries where I have always traveled with a camera. Through my photos I want to show people’s live in different countries, and also show beautiful corners of the planet.

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FORMA Industrial Design

Member since May 10, 2021

FORMA industrial design studio was founded in 2011 by graduates of the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University. During work the studio team, consisting of industrial and graphic designers, constructors and design managers, completed more than 250 projects in various fields of technics. Among regular clients of the studio there are not only successful Russian companies, but also a number of foreign clients from Germany, Latvia, the USA, Taiwan, Finland, France. The studio is primarily proud of its implemented projects: the results of the work may be seen on the roads, in medical centres, on store shelves and in manufacturing departments. Also the level of the works of the studio is confirmed by many international awards: Good Design Award, Red Dot Award, Vatikam, “Golden Modulor”.

FORMA is engaged in the design of products and its body elements from sketch to production. A client may come with just an idea, and the studio staff will help create a technical task, make sketches and a 3D model, formulate design documentation, print a prototype, help choose a fabrication.

Thus the result of the work is a successful product, and not just a beautiful picture. All projects are initially created so that they may be implemented taking into account all technical and economic requirements.

The head of the studio is Dmitry Mareev. Graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University in 2011 with a degree in «Industrial Design». Author of more than 50 professional projects in the field of medicine, electronics, transport and other disciplines. The member of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Designers since 2015, since 2018 - Chairman of the section «Industrial Design» of the Union.

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Gela Philauri

Member since April 17, 2019

Date of birth: 1961, May 8.
Place of birth: Gori, Georgia.
Education: Art school named after M. S. Tuganov, Tskhinvali (1976 - 1980).
Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Easel graphics (1981 - 1987).
Specialty: Graphic Artist.
Since 1986 — member of the All-Union Youth Union of Artists.
Since 2012 — member of the Union of Artists of Georgia.
Since 2012 — member of the National Creative Association of Artists of Georgia.
Since 2015 — member of the International Association of Watercolorists of Georgia (IWS Georgia).
Since 2017 — partnership in the Round Fund of Arts, Lyon, France.
Since 2017 — member of the Club of Professional Artists of Georgia.
Since 2019 — member of the Eurasian Union of Artists.
Since 2019 — member of the International Association VATIKAM.
1981-2000 — cooperation with the state literary publishing houses «Ganatleba», «Nakaduli», «Merani».
2000 — Regular cooperation with the private literary publishing houses, artist-Illustrator.

Gold medal in the category realism
(international online exhibition of fine arts «ART CLASH», New York, USA, 2016).
Laureate of the Russian Arts Award in 2018.
Laureate of «Best works of 2018», VATIKAM, Paris, France.

Certificates and diplomas
(USA, England, Switzerland, Russia, Hungary, France, Italy, Israel, etc.).
Personal and collective exhibitions — since 1981 to the present day
(details on the website
Most of the works are kept in private and public collections in different countries of the world.

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Gevork Gevorkyan

Member since May 01, 2017

Gevork Arutyunovich Gevorkyan was born on 10 September 1950 near the border with Turkey, in a small village Shenavan (rich district), Armenian Republic. In 1971 he finished the P. Terlemezyan Art School and in 1980 graduated from Yerevan Art Academy, the Department of Sculpture. Since 1982, G. Gevorkyan has lived in Ekaterinburg. He has been a member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1982, and a member of the Russian Union of Architects since 2009. He participated in various exhibitions, international, Russian, regional, and local.G. Gevorkyan is a winner of numerous competitions, Honorary Artist of the Russian Federation, professor at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, and Tatishchev and De Hennin Prize winner.

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Halyna Dmytruk

Member since February 11, 2019

Higher education, graduated from Odessa South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky (art-graphic faculty) and Rivne national academy of management personnel of culture and art (improvement of methods of teaching fine arts in educational institutions of aesthetic education).
Profession - artist-teacher, teacher of fine arts in educational institutions of aesthetic education.
Many of my students teach at different universities ART. Give private lessons in painting, drawing and composition, prepare students for admission to universities, many of them have graduated from higher education institutions in different parts of the country and are now working in the specialty.
I experiment with different materials to express my idea. Love digital art. Paint portraits in colour and black-white variant. Instead of focusing on one style, my practice covers themes from figurative to abstract.
Participate in the project VATIKAM since 14.04.2015, am the laureate and the winner of many contests of the International Association VATIKAM.
Am the Member of the Society of free artists (Odessa) and Circle Foundation for the Arts (New York).
Took part in numerous international exhibitions, contests, master classes, projects. My works were presented at group international art exhibitions in Moscow, Rome, Florence, Minsk, Barcelona, London, Saint-Petersburg, Santa Barbara, Padua, Cagliari, Milan, Cyprus, Beijing, Budapest, Israel, as well as at the Art Expo New York CIrCLe FOUNDATION.

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Hrachya Vardanyan

Member since July 27, 2017

Vardanyan Hrachya Vladimirovich, architect.
Was born on 01.01.1955 in Armenia.
In 1978 graduated from the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, faculty of architecture and construction, on specialty "Architecture".

He started his labour activity in 1978 in the Special design bureau of the Ministry of Light Industry of the Armenian SSR, Yerevan.
For a long time worked in senior positions in district and municipal departments and in the Department of architecture of Yerevan.
In 1993 Hrachya Vladimirovich became a co-founder and the chief architect of the design bureau LLC "Hrachya Vardanyan". Since 2005 till present – the lecturer of the Department Of Architectural Design and Design of Architectural Environment in the National University of Architecture and Construction in Yerevan. Since 2009 is a Member of the Council for Urban Planning, Environmental Protection, Communication and Transport in the Mayoralty of Yerevan.

Hrachya Vladimirovich is the author of scientific articles and presentations in the press on studying the architectural component of neutralization the seismic risk in Armenia.
In the design bureau LLC "Hrachya Vardanyan" he actively takes part in architectural tenders, is also the laureate and the winner of national and international architectural competitions.

The main works of the architect:
1. Wellness centre of the Armenian Red Cross in Mughni.
2. Residential building at the address: Yerevan, Makar Yekmalyan str. No. 16.
3. Administrative business building at the address: Mger Mkrtchyan 22, Yerevan.
4. Residential building at the address: Yerevan, Marshal Bagramyan 1st deadlock, 2.
5. Residential complex on the street Tumanyan, city Stepanakert, Nagorny Karabakh.
6. The Central laboratory of the National centre of control and prevention of diseases M3 PA and regional laboratories in Lori, Gegarkunik and Syunik.

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Igor Shumar

Member since February 07, 2019

Self-taught person. The invalid of the 2 group. Of two hands on the left only three fingers are working. Carving wood or bone. Work with materials: aspen, birch, spruce, pine, willow and elk horns. Believe that that to become a master, it is necessarily to study all life.

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Inna Gulevataya

Member since February 07, 2019

Graphic designer, interior designer, fashion designer, designer of decorative and applied arts, Omsk, Russia.

Member of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM.
Member of the Siberian Association of Designers and Architects (Omsk, Russia).
The author of collections of women's clothing and collections of decorative and applied art of Irish lace. Development of projects in the direction of interior design.
Author of numerous projects in the field of graphic design in Russia and abroad, brands, glossy magazines, albums, books, catalogues, exhibition stands.
Diplomas for projects.

Annual design layouts in the periodical publication of the glossy magazine «THE ALL-RUSSIA EXHIBITION MAGAZINE-CATALOGUE EXPO-JEWELLER».

The glossy magazine «Jewelry review».

Design of graphics for the stands of the jewelry companies for annual periodic exhibitions.

Moscow JUNWEX New Russian Style International jewelry exhibition VVC-VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Centre).

JUNWEX MOSCOW International exhibition of jewelry and watch brands VVC-VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Centre).

Saint-Petersburg JUNWEX PETERSBURG 2019 KVTs «EXPOFORUM» (Cultural Exhibition Centre), Media holding JUNWEX.

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Irina Aleksandrovna Donchik

Member since February 11, 2019

Was born in Leningrad in 1966. In 1986 graduated from the Krasnoyarsk art school named after V. I. Surikov (painting and pedagogical department). Since then work as a teacher of drawing, painting and compositions for 34 year. Teacher of the highest qualification category.

Four years ago I got acquainted with the dot painting. And now for almost four years in my spare from the main work time I put dots on the glass...

The technique of dot painting fascinated me, caught in its nets, making me a devoted fan. Subjects in my works are very different. They depend on the time of year, mood, external impressions and internal feelings. I actively participate in various creative contests and projects. At present in Krasnoyarsk there is my personal exhibition, where there are presented the works performed in the technique of dot painting. Very much want to expand the geography of my exhibition activities, and hereinafter to make dot painting my main profession.

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Irina Nesterova

Member since June 01, 2021

Graduated from the Abramtsevo Art and Industrial College named after V. M. Vasnetsov and Moscow State Institute of Culture with red diplomas. I got acquainted with the art of mosaic in 2008, which fascinated me and became the favourite activity. I have been working in this technique for more than 10 years. The most favourite I find for myself is the creation of micromosaics. At first my work was formed with custom execution, now I am developing creatively and participating in Russian and international contests and exhibitions, I am a laureate and a winner. Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, the Union of Russian Artists, the Creative Union of Decorative and Applied Arts, the International Association of Designers VATIKAM. I am in the unified register of professional artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, the «Russian abroad», the Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union (XVIII-XXI centuries.)
The 1st degree laureate of the Russian arts award.
The member of the jury of the international festival of children's and youth creativity and pedagogical innovations «Cup of Russia for Artistic Creativity», season – winter 2021, Saint-Petersburg.
The member of the jury of the international contest and festival of children's and youth creativity «Talented Planet», season – spring 2021, Moscow.
The member of the jury of the III International festival - contest of children's, youth, junior and adult creativity «City of Masters», season spring 2021, Kolomna.
The member of the jury of the III International festival - contest of children's, youth, junior and adult creativity «City of Masters», season spring 2021, Podolsk.
Why mosaic? I really like the material: glass, smalt, stone. In addition to the colour, it also has a texture and this gives another decorative method that may be used in the work. I really like the creation process, and especially the result. Mosaic works are fascinating, they want to be considered, this is some special magic of influence on the viewer.
2021 March – «RUSSIAN ARTS AWARD", 1st degree laureate, Moscow House of Artists, Russia-Moscow;
2021 January – «Golden Hands of Russia», participant, Gostiny Dvor, Russia-Moscow;
2021 January-1st Art and industrial exhibition-forum «Unique Russia», Gostiny Dvor, Russia – Moscow;
2021 January – «TALENT OF RUSSIA», exhibition-contest, nomination: mosaic and stained glass, 1st place, Gostiny Dvor, Russia - Moscow;
December 2020 – «Personal online exhibition» from the Union of Russian Artists.
2020 December – «HERITAGE AND TRADITIONS», online exhibition, Russia - Moscow.
2020 November – «ART-PORTRAIT», exhibition-contest, nomination: mosaic and stained glass, 1st place, Congress and exhibition centre «Danilovsky», Russia - Moscow;
2020 September - International project «To Spain with love», «Art Week in Spain», exhibition-contest, nomination: mosaics and stained glass, 1st place, Imagin Arte Galeria, Spain – Barcelona.

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Kochubeev Yuri Anatol’evich

Member since October 01, 2019

In jewelry business since 1989. On the Donetsk plant Rembyttekhnika I was accepted as the pupil of the jeweler-assembler on May 3, 1989. At that time about 200 jewelers worked in the jewelry department of our factory! At that this huge collective consisted not only of simple technicians-handicraftsmen. Our masters-jewelers took first places in the all-Union (Soviet Union) filigree contests. I carefully studied the works of my senior colleagues, if it was allowed. For several years thoroughly learnt the wisdom and technical specifics of jewelry. Absorbed and analyzed all available theoretical information and applied it in practice. And here in 1991 my cautious conditional transition from the representative of jewelry business to the jewelry art took place. I created my first author's (own artistic and technical solution) earrings. I called them «Theatrical». Quite large, three-tiered with elements of filigree.

Over the next ten-fifteen years a large number of practical experiments have been conducted and many worthy works have been created. Technical and artistic level of my works grew with each following work, but my first participation in the Kiev Expoplaza took place in November 2003.

My works were awarded a diploma «For the best presentation of jewelry ornament».

In 2008 there was an unforgettable event in my creative life, my first personal exhibition. It was held in the Donetsk regional art museum. Then personal exhibition «Magic of beauty» in the Museum of historical jewels of Ukraine. The Museum acquired the necklace «Genesis», created for the 1010th anniversary of the baptism of Russia. Personal exhibition «Flower of new life» at the Museum of modern art named after Kuindzhi in Mariupol.

I am accepted as a member of the Union of designers of Ukraine. I created: a memorable desktop composition «Bison» in honor of the 90th anniversary of Ukrinform, a passing symbol of the Association of news agencies of the black sea countries (BSANNA). My book «Trial of the modern jewelry art» was published. I shot a film «Scorpion» about creation of the homonymous table jewelry composition. The book «Jewelry art this is simple or simply about complex» is written.

Among my worthy works are such as: hairpin «Sakura at sunset», multifunctional necklace «May», composition «Scorpion», table jewelry composition «Flower of new life», set «Spring» (First place in the nomination «Best jewelry 2004»), set «Sakura sprig», earrings «Inca Gold», set «Imperial». A kind of a crown of this list may be considered a grand necklace «Phoenix» with large rubies and diamonds. Now I am enthusiastically working on a new line of non-classical jewelry «Jewellery Jazz». This jewelry embody non-standard artistic and technical solutions, author's techniques, interesting methods of surface treatment, fixing and arrangement of inserts, combinations of colours and shapes.

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Konstantin Paevskiy

Member since June 20, 2018

Designer, architect, landscape designer, objects designer.

Designed projects of reconstruction and improvement of the historic sites of Moscow, creation of green areas, memorial parks in Moscow and Moscow region. Worked out concepts of unique looks of exteriors and interiors of private, commercial and investment projects. The winner of the tenders for participation in the international Expo exhibitions, created concepts of brand awareness for different companies. More than 50 realized projects including private and commercial interiors, exteriors, landscape improvement of parks and private areas, exhibition stands and shopping pavilions in Russia and abroad.

The author of the furniture projects with the use of modern technologies and materials, maintaining the classical traditions and view to the future, which participated in international and national architectural contests. Among the latest important projects are reconstruction of the interior of one of the oldest pavilions of VDNH "Physical education and sport", memorial park "Alley of Fame" in the Moscow area, additional improvement one of the main attractions of Moscow – park Ostankino.

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Lukyanchenko Tatyana Nikolaevna

Member since November 26, 2019

Was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
Higher education in Economics – Kiev State University of Economics, program «Economics of enterprises». Bachelor's degree of Economics, teacher of Economics. Master of business administration (small business Management program).
Learned painting from famous Ukrainian artists, as well as self-study. One of my favorite genres of painting – is Portrait. Since 2015 began to paint professionally. Since 2018 I take part in city, regional, all-Ukrainian and international art exhibitions.
Works are presented in the permanent exhibition of the gallery «Globe», Kiev.

In addition to painting, I also do photography.

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Lyudmila Goldinova

Member since June 01, 2021

I was born in Melitopol, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine.
Since 1990, have lived and worked in Zaporozhye.

At present I work at home, doing my favourite hobby (I sew and knit).
I work in the intarsia technique with crochet and knitting needles. I also work in the Irish lace technique.
I lead a channel on YouTube with training lessons on the intarsia technique with crochet and on the technique of Irish lace:

I make descriptions for my products in the intarsia crochet technique.
I also conduct online training courses on the intarsia crochet technique. My students are already knitting.
Maybe I will register my trademark a little later.

For my works I need a good mood and complete peace in the soul.

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Martin Ashkhatoev

Member since August 16, 2017

Georgia, Tbilisi.
Was born on 20.05.1958 in Tbilisi.
Has no artistic education. At the age of 20 began to draw.
In 1985 accidentally discovered extraordinary features of exposed photographic paper and began already to draw without paint, finding colours with razor under a black layer of exposed photo paper. Photographic paper does not forgive mistakes and it has a great effect.
There were made a lot of drawings of small formats (from 5x3 to 30x60) because of the shortage of large sheets of photo paper suitable for work. During 30 years of work with photographic paper a great number of works were granted, only a few have been sold.
The works are located in Russia, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Israel, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic. Under normal conditions, as ought to pictures, the longevity of storage of photographic paper is the same as for works performed on canvas or other material.
In the private collections the works of thirty years limitation are kept in excellent condition.

Personal exhibitions:
1) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 23.01.2015
2) the house museum of people's artist of Georgia Vakhtang Chabukiani 28.05.2015
3) the national library of the parliament of Georgia 04.04.2016

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Maxim Lyubetsky

Member since June 01, 2021

Architect, member of the Union of Architects of Russia, Professor of the International Academy of Architecture at the United Nations.
I am engaged in architectural design and interior design for more than 20 years and am a specialist with extensive experience and specialized education. The principle of my studio is based on an individual and thorough approach to working with each project.
During my career I have created a large number of architectural objects throughout Russia and beyond.

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Nadezhda Syachina

Member since January 31, 2019

Was born in the city of Vyksa. Since childhood was fond of drawing and various kinds of applied art.
In 2011 graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography in specialty artist of theatre.
Cartoonist, Illustrator, graphic artist and photographer. Participant of many contests, festivals and exhibitions.
Participant of the Special Contest of Russian Short Animated Films Mult OLIMP (MultOplimp) 2013, the Annual open international festival of multimedia art Multimatograf 9, participant of the International festival of youth short cinema «VISION» 2013, exhibition of paintings and graphics «Black romanticism» in the framework of cultural-historic project «Lenore. Return of the ballad» (Pushkin) 2013.
Since 2011 holds annual personal exhibitions.
Works in the technique of watercolors and graphics, oil painting.

- summer 2011 - personal exhibition of photographs «Flowers» (Vyksa);
- October 2011 - sisters Nadezhda and Nina Syachin's personal exhibition «From reality to dreams» in the hotel «Batashev» (Vyksa);
- summer 2012 - personal exhibition «Illustrations to the tales of S. Kozlov» in the history museum of JSC «VMZ» (Vyksa);
- spring 2013-personal exhibition «Sea-sea, bottomless world...» in the hotel «Batashev» (Vyksa)
- summer 2013-personal exhibition «Birth of cartoon» in the history museum of JSC «VMZ» (Vyksa);
- autumn 2013 - participant of the exhibition of paintings and graphics «Black romanticism» In the framework of cultural-historic project «Lenore. Return of the ballad» (Pushkin);
- spring 2014-participant of the exhibition of young artists – authors of illustrations for the musical «Circus of Fate» based on Oleg Roy's novel (Tambov);
- autumn 2014-participant of the 7th exhibition «Youth of Saint Petersburg.Beginning» , Saint Petersburg.
Laureate of the 1st degree «Master of the year» in the category «Game design» 2015 International Association of designers «VATIKAM».
Laureate of the 1st degree «Master of the year» in the category «Game design» 2016 International Association of designers «VATIKAM».
Spring 2017 - participant of the exhibition «Youth of Saint Petersburg» in the Union of Artists.
Member of the Union of Russian Artists.

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Nadezhda Vasilyevna Vedrova

Member since February 07, 2019

Interior designer
Since childhood dreamed of becoming an artist. After the art school in Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, entered the college at the porcelain Factory named after Gardner (Moscow region) and acquired a profession. Qualification of the manufacturer of artistic ceramic products, specialization: painter.
Higher art education in the profession designer of interior and equipment, Nadezhda re-ceived in Siberia. Diploma of the art faculty of the Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, specialization «Interiors and equipment».
Additional education from the German designers have got in Moscow. Certificate Intrieur, Farbe & Stil. The advanced training course by Bernhard & Natalija Zimmerman. The advanced training course by Alexander Leopold, a leading designer of Grohe.
Since 2008 Nadezhda Vedrova is an individual entrepreneur and owner of her own design studio «COLOUR & STYLE».
The main directions of Nadezhda Vedrova’s interior design studio, services for interior de-sign, residential and public. Support of the design project, from development to creation of au-thor's elements of furniture and decor. Stylistically not limited.
Repeated finalist and winner of international contests.
In 2015 in Krasnoyarsk the annual award in the field of interior design «Design concept – 2016» took place. Finalist in the nomination: kitchen hood.
The winner (first place) of the V International festival of furniture and objects of an interi-or, held in the Interior Gallery «Twinstor» in Moscow in 2016.
First place in the Third annual contest «Best works of 2016» in the nomination «Industrial design» «Kitchen hood». International Association of Designers VATIKAM.
First place, winner of the contest «Furniture of a new generation», 2017, International As-sociation of Designers VATIKAM.
First place, winner of the contest «Interior for an office» nomination «3D visualization», 2017, International Association of Designers VATIKAM.
According to the results of the international award ADD AWARDS 2017 in the main nomination «Retail + business interiors» the project of an office «FLIGHT TO SUCCESS» or «FLIGHT of FANTASY» entered the top five projects according to the high jury with score of 8.17 points in the main nomination. And also the project entered three special nominations of the award.
In 2018, the Project of a hood «MATRONA» was highly appreciated by the jury and awarded the diploma and the gold medal in the object design nomination in the international contest UNICA Design Days for designers and architects at the international exhibition complex «Novosibirsk Expocentre».
In 2018 winning in the fourth annual contest of the International Association VATIKAM «Best works of 2017». First place in the nomination «FURNITURE». Second place in the nomi-nation «Interior Design». Second place in the nomination «Decorative and applied arts».
Participant of the International festival RECYCLING ART FESTIVAL in Krasnoyarsk. Creation of the art-object «Scarlet flower».
Every year visits, and also participates in interior and architectural exhibitions. Attends and conducts lectures and master classes on interior design. There are publications in newspapers and magazines.
Personal website
Creating «interiors with soul» and working for pleasure, Nadezhda Vedrova’s interior de-sign studio aimed for the main goal in design – is to make customers’ dreams come true!

Надежда Ведрова — VATIKAM

Красноярск/Железногорск/Дизайн студия Надежды Ведровой

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Natalia Bulba

Member since March 24, 2020

The author of sculptures and exclusive jewelry, the founder of a new direction in art «Sculpture from beads». Since 1995 together with several adherents on a voluntary basis within the framework of an established informal creative organization Children's Joint-Stock Company of the most open type has conducted classes with children and teenagers. The author of methodical manuals, series of sets, articles, books and encyclopedias «Sculpture from beads», published by leading publishing companies in Ukraine and Russia.

Participant (and winner) of exhibitions, forums, festivals, conferences (including international ones in the USA, Germany, Spain, Ukraine): IBA Perlen Poezie 2011, 2012, 2013, INTERNET SHORT FILMS FESTIVAL 2013. 2015, X International Charity Movie Festival «Lightbringing Angel» 2013, «EL MON DELS VIATGES» – 2013, Platinum Duke of the International multi-level contest named after Richelieu 2013, diplomas of the International Association VATIKAM 2016, 2019, 2020.

The artworks are in private collections, including those of the first persons of the state.

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Nikolay Kostrubin

Member since March 22, 2020


Living in an ancient, but provincial city, due to various circumstances, I had to try different facets of fine art. Started this long journey as a glass engraver. Working as a glass lower on the workbench, began to try myself as a designer developer of a range of household glass. Then worked as a junior researcher in a gallery, taught fine art and drawing at a public school, was engaged in outdoor advertising.

Drew caricatures, portraits, was engaged in design of pages in the local newspaper. Wrote news paper articles about exhibitions, artists. By invitation moved to work in the design laboratory.

Decorated enamelware, porcelain, glass. In the 90 ies, like all designers and artists, drew copies of landscapes to order, was engaged in decorative painting, painted ceramics, cutting boards, boxes, matryoshkas. In 2014 I retired, but I continue to cooperate with a private entrepreneur as a graphic designer.

Participated in all-Russian contests, was awarded many diplomas.
I develop infographic projects, started working in motion design. I draw short animated greetings to order.

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Olga Bulatova

Member since June 01, 2021

Born in Kamensk – Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region, 05.07.1974, higher economic education.
As long as I can remember, I've always made something with my own hands. The first serious thing I knitted at the age of 15, it was a knitted coat. Knitted and sewn clothes gradually replaced things bought in stores. Despite the received higher education and working as an economist at that time, various models, images were constantly being born in my head, which could not remain on paper and were turned into reality. In 2008 I first learned about the contest «Silver Thread» held in our city and decided to take part. Since 2008 every year I won 1 places in the category «Knitting» and took part in the Superfinals held in Moscow in the Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s Fashion House. In 2012 I invented and created a set called «Life of Sandglass» and only with it I conquered the Moscow Superfinal and brought to the city the Diploma of the Laureate of the 1st degree! It was indescribable! Creativity is like air to me! I like to do interesting, unusual, handmade things in the technique of felting, knitting. Recently, I discovered a new creativity for me - paintings in the technique of «Wool watercolour» - it's very interesting! I like to learn new techniques, combine different textures. If find a business that you are passionate about, life will always be filled with joy and happiness – even in the crisisest times!

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Rami Meir

Member since December 25, 2019

Migirov (Meir) Rahamim (Rami) Novakhovich – Russian artist of Israeli origin. By nationality – Mountain Jew. He was born on April 11, 1962 in Baku.
From 1979 to 1981 received a technical education in the specialty «jeweler of artistic and stamped items», then was engaged in woodworking, alfresco works, wood inlay.
From 1981 to 1983 was conscripted into the Soviet Army. During the period of service received a new position – regimental coiner and made about 40 pieces in the workshop allocated to him.
After 20 years after receiving his specialty began to draw his first paintings. «To express in paintings everything beautiful that surrounds us around» — this is the main reason that prompted Rami to paint.
At present the artist has painted more than 150 paintings. All of them are charged with the energy of his life experience, consistently accumulated knowledge about the world and its laws, the energy of achievements and unraveled rebus about what values and actions make a person truly happy in life.
Rami Meir is an innovator in painting. He enriched the painting technique with 3D-strokes. This technique he brought from his professional specialty. 3D-strokes create a strong volume on the canvas, which at the same time looks neat, really jewelry. Such a volume is cannot be reached by other techniques.
The purpose of his work the artist explains like this: «I want to beautify other peoples’ lives, to give light. This is not only the top layer of pleasure and impression of a beautiful image and good work, the main task – it is very solid. To convey how beautiful the world is how everything is divine. This happens when a person comes to the picture and sees that it glows with some inner warmth. This heat in the canvas is laid by the artist. The energy of the picture – is his energy. It evokes a smile, pleasant thoughts, excitement of joy».
Most of the works of the artist may be seen in his own gallery, located in the shopping center «Grand» on the Leningradskoe highway.

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Sergey Aleksandrovich Sidenko

Member since January 31, 2019

07.11.1965 year of birth, graphic artist.
Participated in six personal exhibitions. Work in many genres: portrait, landscape, still life, illustration, graphic design.
Works are in private collections in Germany, Poland, Israel, Russia and Kazakhstan.
Live and work in the city of Petropavlovsk (Republic of Kazakhstan).

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Sergey Dorofeyev

Member since April 20, 2018

Born on May 8 1969 in Zaporozhye city (Ukraine).
Education: Academic School of Design, Moscow (cum laude).
Practicing painter since 1983.
Graduated from the Zaporozhye arts school.
Has worked in the workshop of the painter V. A. Piskunov.
Since 1990, takes part in a variety of exhibitions and works professionally.
Exhibits in arts salons and galleries of Moscow and abroad.

In 2005, graduated from the Moscow Academic School of Design, profession: interior designer.
Still, considers painting the main creative area in his activity.
Works by Sergey Dorofeyev are in a variety of private Russian and foreign collections.
Works in a range of genres (landscape, floristics, seascape, still life) and techniques (mainly oil and watercolor).
Personal website:
1992 – «The History of Peter’s Fleet» in France,
1995 – «Russian landscape» in Japan and Germany,
2007 – Exhibition of paintings in the Central Artist House in Moscow.

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Sergey Kuzmin

Member since February 07, 2019

I was born on June 4, 1968 in Donetsk, Ukraine. Studied fine art painting privately. Technically I prefer hyperrealism. My favorite themes - are portrait, seascape, animalism, macro-painting. I am not a member of any union or association of artists. My works are mostly in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Serbia, China, Korea and Turkey.

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Stroinov Vitaly Vadimovich

Member since November 26, 2019

Was born on August 25, 1962 in Buzuluk, Orenburg region. Graduated from Penza University of Architecture and Construction in 1984.

Currently live in Penza.

Was fond of painting in childhood and carry this love through all life. Cities didn’t liked, constantly was on Nature, literally was in love with it, tried to understand it, to comprehend its charm of and mystery. In general I consider the Earth, and all Nature, from minerals and above – intellectual, thinking, feeling, loving and suffering, perfectly understanding us, people and capable of communication with us. Only we are not always able to understand Nature, and I really hope that at least a little I managed to do it. It became my real art teacher. And that is why the main genre of my creative work - is landscape. And first of all I strive to express through the landscape the MOOD, as well as the state, the harmony of Nature, its vibrations – what it wants to tell us. Draw in the style of realism, sometimes experiment with other styles and directions in fine art. Put my heart and soul into my works.

Member of the Professional Union of artists of Russia, as well as the Union of Artists of Russia and the club «ArtPriorityClub». In August 2013 was included in the international virtual catalogue of artists «International Art Directory Jose Galvan Montmartre».

Files of works are in the virtual museum Tadeusz Glowinski (sent at his request.)
1) Gold medal «GOLDEN EAGLE» («Golden Eagle!») for special achievements from the Association «New York Realism Fine Art» - October 2016
2) Gold, two silver and bronze medals in the International Contest «ARTEX AWARDS» in the period from spring 2018 to autumn 2019.

1. Personal exhibition In the Museum of folk art Penza, 16.01-19.02.2013.

2. International art salon - 2014. CHA, Moscow, March 2014

3. International exhibition project «On the right path», CHA, Moscow 03-11.09.2014

4. «Russian artists’ painting», City museum of fine arts, Qiqihar, China, August-September 2014

5. International art salon - 2015, CHA, Moscow, March 2015

6. Personal exhibition In the Museum of folk art, Penza., August 2015

7. Collective exhibition of Moscow artists «Die Farben der Jahreszeiten»
Berlin Germany Galerie VINOGRADOV, 10.05-10.06 2016

8. Exhibition «April attendant», April - May 2019, Art residence of the club «ArtPriorityClub», Moscow.

9. Exhibition «JAZZ», June 2019, Art residence of the club «ArtPriorityClub», Moscow.

10. Exhibition «Birthday», anniversary exhibition of the club «ArtPriorityClub», September 2019, Moscow.

1) Album - catalogue «Art of Russia – 2015».
2) Album - catalogue «Art of Russia – 2016».

Works are in private collections in Russia and abroad (China, USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Estonia).

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Tatiana Antonchenko

Member since December 04, 2017

Tatiana Antonchenko – interior designer, architect, real estate developer, decorator, defectologist, publicist, creator and head of the company «Antonchanka Interior Development», design studio «3D Project», construction company «STROYA»
Minsk, Belarus

Member of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM (Paris, France) and the official representative of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM on the territory of Belarus.
By first education is a defectologist. Worked for 1 year in Minsk City Centre of Medical Rehabilitation for children with neuropsychiatric diseases.

By chance since 2004 began to try her hand in design and architecture. And not mistaken. That is confirmed by the diploma of the Belarusian state academy of arts, studying at L'université d'été en Sorbonne (Sorbonne University) Paris, France, Ecole du Louvre (School of Louvre) in Paris, France, Prague School of Design Akademie grafickeho design (Prague School of Design) Prague, Czech Republic and inexhaustible devotion and love for her profession.

Diplomas for projects in various contests in Belarus and Europe. Publication of articles on different websites and magazines, participation in charity projects, travels.

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Tatiana Tomilova

Member since June 01, 2021

Born in 1976, by education - a system engineer, was fond of drawing since childhood.
For more than 25 years worked in the field of design and advertising, engaged in graphic design, while designing furniture and jewelry became a hobby only recently, three years ago.
As an object designer became a prizewinner of the International contest ARCH MOSCOW in 2019, and as a jewelry designer - was among the finalists of the International Jewelry Contest J1 in 2020, became a prizewinner of the contest JEWELRY STAR design 2020.

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Valeriy Granovskiy

Member since May 01, 2017

Valeriy Granovskiy was born on 26 of August 1954. Served in Navy. Studied in Kaspian Navy Academy and then in Kazakhstanian Politechnological Institute of V. Lenin, faculty of geological prospecting. Further he studied in Advanced school of economy  “Continent Nord” (Germany-Russia). Attended courses of business administration for top managers in Holland Company “Time Management”.  In his spare time he had interest in arts and gemology. In 1985 he started his own business.  Valeriy was founder of “ISKER” company of the jewelry and porcelain goods production. 
He was one of the organizers and the sponsor of art stream “Green Triangle” in Almaty Kazachstan. Mister Granovskiy
was the sponsor of exhibition of Kazachstanian Artist which was held in Berlin, Germany. Also he was the owner of Art and foto gallery “Foto erotica” in Almaty, Kazachstan. In 1993 Valeriy opened a manufactory of jewelry in Deli, India. 
Next he became co-owner of “SAVA” company in Cambodia that exported rubies and sapphires to Europe. In 2004 Altitude Company was founded by mister Granovskiy, in Bangkok, Thailand. At the same time he was developing
Alttico brand in Kazachstan. This brand had participated in many exhibitions and defile. In 2010 Alttico was featuring in fashion show with the demonstration of its’ jewelry sets organized by World Fashion, that was broadcasted to Europe, USA and Russia. Later the company became the organizer and co-founder of gemological service Kazachstan. Furthermore Alttico has developed and established standards and methodical materials to certify gem stones and jewelry. Also the teaching material and collection of jewelry stones were prepared for the opening of gemological school of Almaty.  In 2009 Valeriy Granovskiy became the General Director of Gemological Center in Kazachstan. In 2010 he established “De Grany” generic company with the same name brand in Bangkok, Thailand. From the beginning of Valeriy’s career (1985) he decided to introduce to the market the jewelry that is individually ordered and made from
a sketch to high-end. The concept of Valeriy’s company is to create a unique jewelry that will be a family heritage. Besides administrative duties Valeriy also has been creating jewelry design, selecting gem stones and developing technology for jewelry production.

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Valery Makovoy

Member since December 25, 2019

Valery Makovoy was born on June 4, 1953 in the settlement of Belaya-Berezka in the Bryansk region, Russia.

In 1983 graduated from the Latvian Academy of arts as a graphic artist teacher.

Worked as a leading artist-designer and chief artist in the famous perfume and cosmetics company «Dzintars» in Latvia.

Makovoy worked in the field of book illustrations, cooperated with Latvian publishers, and since 1995 with the Kaliningrad printing company «Yantarny skaz», where he created works for more than 60 books.

During his career in different years was the founder and teacher of art studios.

In the present studio, founded by me in 2010, teach art disciplines for children, teenagers and adults. During these years for admission to the Latvian Academy of arts and art colleges have been prepared many applicants who entered and completed studies in the above-mentioned educational institutions. In major contests of children's creativity two young artists became the Laureates of the «Grand Prix» and awarded honorary prize places.

Traveled a lot by inspiration, visited the Altai region, Georgia and Abkhazia, Crimea, Ukraine, Belarus, and in 2007 visited Ireland for the first time and for many years I come to this country, conduct master classes and art lessons.

In 2008 opened a large personal exhibition «Mood of nature» in the House of Moscow in Riga, which was based on travel materials and contained more than 60 works of various styles, such as watercolors, acrylic and oil paintings, jewelry, graphics, 2D woodcarving, sculpture and books, illustrations.

For today has participated in more than 80 collective exhibitions, 19 personal and 22 International exhibitions.

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Valery Stanislavovich Okarsky

Member since January 31, 2019

Born on January 5, 1956 in the Kazakh SSR, Tselinograd.
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists (sculpture, metal, hot enamel).

Participation in exhibitions in 2018:

laureate of the award in the Category «Abstract sculpture» -
Participant’s work: «Apocalypse».

International Exhibition-contest «CONTEMPORARY AVANT-GARDE / VANGUARD TODAY» – Moscow, 22-28 November.
Sculpture contest, Nomination: «Abstractionism».

1st place - Name of the contest work: «Dangerous games or Matisse's half dance».
Nomination: «Avant-Garde».

1 place - Name of the contest work: «Warning the Magi not only for the Oracles».

III international exhibition of contemporary art «FESTIVAL OF ABSTRACTION» - Moscow: 16-21 November.

Contest «Abstraction in sculpture» Nomination «Abstractionism in sculpture» -
1 place - Name of the contest work: «Medusa».

Contest «Abstraction in DAA», Nomination «Planar object» -
1 place - Name of the contest work: «the Firebird».

XXV International exhibition-contest «RUSSIAN ART WEEK - RUSSIAN ART WEEK» - Moscow: October, 30 to November, 4

The DAA contest - Nomination «Decoration and accessories» -
3 place - Name of the exhibition work – «Beauty of autumn gilding».

Contest – «Experimental sculpture» – Nomination «Abstract sculpture»
2 place - Name of the exhibition work «Carmen».

ART WEEK IN BEIJING: 23 – 29 of August
Sculpture contest.
Nomination: Avant-garde reliefs and bas-reliefs.

1 place - Name of the exhibition work: «Two beginnings of YIN and YANG».

Sculpture contest.

Nomination: Experimental sculptural forms.
1 place - Name of the contest work: «Diagnosis – LOVE».

SAINT-PETERSBURG ART WEEK, Saint – Petersburg, from May, 28 to June, 3.
Sculpture contest.
Nomination: Experimental sculptural forms.
1 place – Name of the contest work: «the Firebird».

RUSSIAN ARTS AWARD: Moscow, 2-10 of May.
Sculpture contest.

Nomination: Russian award in the field of small-scale sculpture.
Laureate of the II degree – Participant’s work: «Apocalypse».

RUSSIAN ART WEEK International – Moscow, April, 23-29.
Sculpture contest.
Category: Abstract sculpture.

1 place - Name of the contest work: «the Main tree of Paradise».

1 place - Name of the contest work: «the Firebird».

АBSTRACTFESTIVAL, Moscow, 9-11 of March.
Sculpture contest.
Nomination: Abstraction in sculpture.
1 place - Name of the contest work: «Soul in captivity of mind».

.AVANGARDE - TODAY, Moscow, 27.12.17-07.01.18.
Sculpture contest.
Nomination: Avant-garde.
2 place - Name of the contest work: «Gardens of Semiramis».
3 place - Name of the contest work: «View from the Pharaoh’s tomb in the third Millennium».
Nomination: Genre experiment.
2 place - Name of the contest work: «I vote by gold pieces!».

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Veronika Yurievna Lebedeva

Member since May 10, 2021

Born on July 25, 1965 in the small Russian town of Pestovo, Novgorod region. Graduated (1982-1987) from the Leningrad Agrarian University, faculty of ecology. In 2006 I continued my studies in Saint-Petersburg at the Institute of Cultural Programs and additional education in the specialty «design of the subject-spatial environment» on the basis of the State Art and Industrial Academy named after A. L. Stieglitz. Defended my diploma in this specialty, completed several courses in the study of graphic programs (3D MAX, AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP) and worked as an interior designer for more than 12 years with great pleasure. Now I am engaged in design activities only at the level of consultations.

In 2012 became interested in silk painting, attended a master class on batik and was so inspired that it became my passion and joy for many years.

All these years lived in the historical suburbs of Saint-Petersburg - Pushkin and Peterhof - and this could not but affect the craving for creativity. For several years worked in the art salon LLC «Eka-Art», participated in local exhibitions in the Petrodvorets district of Saint-Petersburg, in the contest «Best works of the year» and was awarded diplomas for 2015, 2016 and 2018 in my nomination on the website of the International Association VATIKAM, participated in various thematic exhibitions on the website «Fair of Masters».

Now I continue to paint on fabric to order with love, try new types of materials, finishes, look for fresh solutions for my creativity.

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Victor Morozov

Member since January 31, 2019

Born in 1949. Lives in Nizhny Novgorod. Does stamping for more than 40 years.
In his creative work revives the technique of ancient European and old Russian masters of metal stamping, which is based on multiple manual forging of every millimeter of surface of metal sheet.
The works are distinguished by a unique fusion of power and monumentality of images with jewelry subtlety and accuracy of material processing.
The artist created a rich gallery on historical, mythological and folk themes and subjects. The main forms of the master's works - are large wall panels and decorative military shields designed for spacious interiors.
V. Morozov's works are in public, corporate and private collections in Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk, Ekaterinburg, etc.
Participant of foreign, all-Russian, regional and oblast exhibitions.
Laureate of the International contest of the Assembly of arts RUSSIAN ART WEEK (Moscow.2011).
2012 - publication in the International catalogue «New faces in art/New Faces in Arts».
2015. Diploma winner of the Second International contest «Best works of 2015» of the International association of designers VATIKAM (Special diploma «For preservation of folk crafts traditions»).
2016. Laureate Diploma of the 1st degree of the Third contest of the International association of designers VATIKAM «Best works of 2016» with awarding the Honorary title «MASTER of the YEAR2 in the category «Decorative and applied arts».
2017. The winner of the season «Moscow. 2017-spring» at the World art forum «Art-Geography / Art Geo Award» in the Contest «Decorative art» in the category «Decorative panel» Theme: My Russia. Unity and diversity.
2018. Publications in the magazine «Russian gallery XXI» 2018 №2

Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

Rating category in the Common art rating - 4B (accomplished professional artist, demanded by the art market).

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Vitaly Lyashov

Member since March 27, 2020

Born on April 30, 1962 in Maili-Sai, Kirghizia.
Higher education, but not related to art. Graduated from where there wasn't worth graduating in this life. Worked there where there was no need to work. But all my life, as long as I can remember, I was interested in wood carving, and later in bone carving. I do not have high achievements, but what I have achieved - is again thanks to art (probably, destiny). At the moment I work as an electrical engineer and continue to do my favorite creative work.

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Vladimir Rusinov

Member since December 25, 2019

Vladimir Rusinov was born on February 20, 1960 in Donetsk region (Ukraine). Education: Moscow Correspondence People's University of arts named after N. Krupskaya, faculty of «Graphics and painting», specialty «Teacher of Children's Art Studios».

I am the participant and laureate of many exhibitions and contests, including international ones:

- 2019 – was awarded a special diploma «For the high level of mastery», a personal exhibition was held on the website VATIKAM.

- 2016 – laureate of the International contest of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM «Best works of 2015» and «Master of the year» in the category «Sculpture».
- 2015 - winner in the category «Sculpture» in the contest «Soul of the tree» from the International Association of Designers VATIKAM.
- 2015 - publication in the magazine «WOODCARVING» (USA).

- 2013 - publication of works in the art magazine «MUZA-UA» (Ukraine, Kiev).

- 2012 - 1st place in the International contest «Conscious creativity 2012» (New York, USA).

- 2012 - publication of my works in the magazine «Modny» (Kiev, Ukraine).

- 2011 - winner of the Contest «Audience Choice» with the work 2The Queen’s escape from the castle of Blois» (website

- 2011 - publication of works in the magazine «Woodcarving» (USA).

- 2010 - publication of works in the magazine «BUSSINESSCLASS» (Ukraine).

- 2010 - took part in the exhibition of the gallery «Agora» (New York, USA).

- 2010 - works were published in the magazine «ARTisSpectrum» (USA).

- 2009 - participated in the exhibition of the Royal Society of Miniatures (London, Great Britain). The Royal Society bought the work «Greek warrior».

- 2008 - winner of the Second International internet - contest of wood carving «View on Life», 1st place in the category «Mastery in performance».

- 2007 - exhibition order fulfillment for the Italian company engaged in the organization of auctions and displays of antique furniture in Europe.

- 2007 - joint shows of carved projects on the American website of carvers of America (Washington, USA) with the work «The Queen’s Birth».
- 2006 - the author's name listed in the Gold pages of Modern Encyclopedia of Ukraine in the list of persons distinguished in science, culture and art.

- 2006 - was invited and successfully participated in the fulfillment of palace carving for the VIP-client. There were made carved compositions in the interiors together with the architectural and design team of specialists.

- 2006 - participation in joint shows of carved products on the website of American masters of carving (carving from under a rotating saw).

- 2005 - the first invitation to show all my carved projects in the Association of carvers of America.

- 2004 - invitation to Lyon (France) to create a personal exhibition in a private commercial company ;

- 2002 - first prize at the International Jewelry exhibition «Kiev EXPO -2002» (Ukraine.) The work «Saint Paul and Saint Peter».

Annual shows of my works are conducted in the Kharkov Art Museum (Kharkov, Ukraine) (Spilka Maystriv Mistetstv). Regularly participate in ART-SHOW shows on the websites of Ukraine, Russia and far abroad. I am engaged in production of carved fireplace portals, secular refined elements in Baroque, Rococo, Modern styles.

Some works are in private collections of famous VIP-persons of Ukraine, some products are in private collections in England, Germany, Austria, Russia, Israel.

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