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Virtual personal exhibition

New virtual personal exhibition project enables individual participants to display their works to users of VATIKAM separately from other participants.

Purpose of organizing personal exhibitions:

An exhibition makes it possible for a project participant to promote their works, improve their visibility and reputation, increasing the chances for successfully finding a customer for one’s works and services. 

For finding professional requests and customers, the exhibition participant can display one’s contact information on the exhibition page to negotiate directly with possible buyers of displayed works and/or customers of services. For promoting an exhibition participant, the homepage of the VATIKAM website hosts a banner informing about an individual personal exhibition currently in progress.

Requirements to exhibition participant:

  • Exhibitions can be hosted for persons with a permanent registration on the VATIKAM website; 
  • A participant must submit a request to the project Administration, stating the desired period of exhibition participation;
  • A participant must describe the theme of the exhibition and briefly outline one’s professional activity;
  • A participant must follow all VATIKAM Terms of Service: Terms of Service

Exhibitions may occur:

A) At Administration’s initiative: 

At its own discretion, the Administration of the VATIKAM project may invite a project participant for a personal exhibition, making a selection among the authors of the most distinctive and professional works.

In this case, the exhibition is FREE OF CHARGE for such participant.

B) At project participant’s initiative:

An exhibition organized at project participant’s initiative is FEE-BASED for such participant. 

The length of the exhibition is 30 calendar days. The price of a paid-for exhibition is 100 EUR for 30 calendar days.

If there are two or more requests for an exhibition, an auction is held among participants wishing to hold an exhibition.

The auction admits only project participants with properly completed profiles and portfolios.

During the auction, the price of an exhibition may rise gradually. The lower limit for each step shall not drop below 20 EUR; the top limit for each step is not limited and subject to discretion of participants.

Method of organization for individual exhibition

The Administration of the VATIKAM project takes submitted requests for personal exhibitions from project participants.

When organizing an exhibition on participant’s request, the Association may make one of the following decisions:

  • To admit a participant to exhibition;
  • To deny an exhibition.

A project participant may be denied exhibition on the following grounds:

  • A participant is concealing one’s personal data from the Administration and poses under an assumed name;
  • Works by a participant do not possess sufficient quality;
  • A participant is unable to pay the price of the exhibition;
  • A participant is unable to pass an auction hosted by the Administration for a particular thematic exhibition.

Additionally, the page hosting the exhibited works allows exhibition visitors to leave comments and votes, feedback and advice.


A commission fee is not taking when selling works and/or services via an exhibition.

For sending personal virtual exhibition requests, use the email address of the project Administration: