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The catalogue of the works of VATIKAM

Dear friends!

I am delighted to invite you to take part in the publication of the first catalogue of the International Association VATIKAM!

It's been two and a half years as our project exists. I can confidently say that the project succeeded, and this is greatly due to contribution of our members.

Today the geography of the Association is rapidly expanding, our website is visited by users from 159 countries, they look through your works, comment on and vote for them. Our user base today is more than 120.000 people, and the number of views of the website has exceeded 3.800.000, this data is growing every day.

We do not want to stop there on achieved, and we do everything for further development of the project, raising awareness and professional credibility of our members.

Therefore the main aim of creating of the catalogue is to advertise the names and works of our participants, especially in Paris and other major cities.

Description of the catalogue:
1. Size of the catalogue is 220х285mm;
2. Coated paper, density not less than 150 grammes;
3. Dust jacket;
4. Cover is hard;
5. Full-colour printing;
6. All information is published in English.

Content of the catalogue:

  1. The catalogue will be divided into sections according to specializations. Pages with the participants inside each section will be arranged in alphabetical order.
  2. Each participant will be given one full two-page spread, that is two pages. In the upper right part of the page will be placed the author’s portrait and short biography (information about creative work) in English. The remaining place on the two-page spread will take photos of works of that participant.
  3. Also will be given participant’s contact information, including links to the author’s website, his pages in social networking sites, e-mail address, telephone number and other information for potential clients and customers.

Distribution and implementation of the catalogue:

  • each participant of the catalogue will receive 1 author’s copy;
  • the catalogue will be distributed by gift to the major museums, galleries and libraries, education institutions and ministries of culture, primarily in France and in Paris, and also in different countries of the world;
  • part of the catalogue will be granted to creative, art and design studios;
  • a small part of the catalogue may be offered for sale, and the revenue will go to the development of the Association.

Information about the catalogue:

  • expected number of participants is 150 people;
  • planned circulation is 1000 copies;
  • the cost of publication in the catalogue is 300 euro for one two-page spread.

Payment comes in two stages and in the following order:
- the first part in the amount of 200 euro is paid by the participant to the account of the Association after the conclusion of the contract;
- the second part in the amount of 100 euro is paid at the time of receiving the parcel with the catalogue.

Procedure of participation in the publication:

  1. Inform us about your willingness to be published in the catalogue by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address with the heading “Application for publication in the catalogue”.
  2. After that you will be sent on your e-mail address a contract from the Association for review and signing and bank details for transferring payment for the publication.
  3. Then you need to send the following information to the head and person, responsible for the publication of the catalogue (e-mail address
    a) Your personal photo in resolution of 300 dpi;
    b) Your name and surname in English;
    c) Short note consisting of autobiography and story about your achievements in English or Russian language. Text size should be not more than 150 words;
    d) Your contact information which will be published on your two-page spread: personal website (if applicable), pages in social networking sites, e-mail address, contact numbers;
    e) Pictures of your best works or simply works which you would like to post in the catalogue. Requirements for photos: size not less than A5 format (210х148 mm), 300 dpi resolution, preferably the original files of very good quality, unprocessed.
  4. The signed contract along with a receipt about the transfer of the first payment (in the amount of 200 euro), you need to scan (take a picture) and send them to the e-mail address

Original documents (2 copies of the contract and receipt) should be sent by letter: Association Internationale de Professions Creatives Vatikam, 66, avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris, France.

Receiving the catalogue by the participant:

  1. After publication of the catalogue, you will be sent a parcel with a free copy of the catalogue. Sending will be carried out by parcel cash on delivery. When receiving a parcel, you pay the sum equivalent of 100 euro (the second part of the amount for publishing) and post commission.
  2. If you would like to buy additional number of catalogue copies, you may inform us about that in advance in order to book the necessary amount. For the participant an additional copy of the catalogue will be cheaper than its retail price.

Please pay attention: you will be included in the list of participants wishing to be published in the catalogue from the moment of written confirmation of your intention to participate.

Note: After the first payment your name is added in the list of participants of the catalogue. Since then the participant has no right to refuse publication, and to request money back, as he and his works has been included in the catalogue, and materials were sent to the publishing company. In case of participant's refusal from publication money are non-refundable and the applicant may not be excluded from the catalogue due to technical reasons. These terms including all obligations of the parties will be written in detail in the contract.

Thus our members have the opportunity of publishing in the catalogue of the International Association, which will allow with minimal costs to promote their own works maximally wide, and what is most important to move towards popularity, improving one’s own credibility and value of one’s works.

For all questions please contact the head of the administration of the project VATIKAM Natalia Guseva, e-mail address for communication

Yours respectfully,
President of the International Association VATIKAM
Kamo Saakyan.