VATIKAM is the land in web space
and it's borders are defined by genius
The international association
of designers VATIKAM


VATIKAM is a new and unique project that makes it possible for all willing people of art professions, mainly designers in all areas of proficiency, to join within one outlet, demonstrating their works to all interested employers from all over the world, providing each participant with an opportunity to be noticed, sought-for and employed.

The idea to start our project has emerged as a result of long-time research of this industry mainly on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries.

It’s quite rare that designers who graduated from higher and secondary educational institutions of Russia and the former Soviet countries manage to find occupational work.

We want to bridge that gap by offering a way which, as both we and our respondent experts think, will enable applicant designers and other people of art professions to find a needed job offer.

The project we propose is attractive due to giving all its participants an ability to obtain multiple benefits, namely: 

A free outlet to place and promote one’s individual works;

  • An opportunity to take part in the annual competition “Best works of the year” with a chance to win awards;
  • An opportunity to be noticed and employed in various countries of the world;
  • An opportunity to undergo onsite training at employers of any country;
  • An opportunity to take part in education courses and master classes organized by the VATIKAM project, with participation from world-class masters; 
  • An opportunity to organize training in developed countries by selecting correspondent educational institutions and providing cooperation in preparing the necessary documents;
  • An opportunity to be a part of the annual catalogue book published by the VATIKAM project;
  • An opportunity to participate in carrying out various paid creative and design orders received by the VATIKAM project from customers of the world’s various countries and cities, executed by the participants of our project in our creative workshops.

Considering the global scale of our project, VATIKAM is creating representation offices in major cities of European and Asian countries, thus attracting new resources.

To implement the project, a budget will be drafted to meet all the assigned tasks, including awards for the winners of our competitions.

Thus, VATIKAM as a major project can confidently be named a Nation on the expanses of the Internet, called to unite talented creative personalities, designers, authors and makers within a single space connecting them to employers and industries all over the world, hence opening a wide range of prospects.

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