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Results of contest

Nomination “3D modeling”:

  1. Tatiana Maksimova(Russia, Krasnoyarsk)–7 votes;
  2. Denis Svirid(Ukraine, Odessa)– 6 votes;
  3. Yelena Speshilova(Russia, Yekaterinburg)–5 votes.

Nomination “Architecture”:

  1. Maksim Lyubetskiy(Russia, Sochi)–7 votes;
  2. Konstantin Payevskiy(Russia, Moscow) – 5 votes;
  3. Andrey Milovanov(Russia, Novosibirsk) – 4votes.

Nomination “Interior design”:

  1. Yulia(Russia, Krasnodar) – 6 votes;
  2. “Gradiz” studio(Russia, Yekaterinburg)–5 votes;
  3. Constantine(Ukraine, Kyiv) – 5votes.

Winners of the contest will receive special first, second and third degree diplomas from the International Association of designers VATIKAM. Works of the three winners who hold the first place in each nomination will show as a banner in the top part of VATIKAM portal’s homepage for 1 month (April 24 to May 23 2015).

Administration of the project VATIKAM

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House of the Future

Contest is over

Contest for designers and architects “House of the Future”.

Contest “House of the Future”

Results of contest