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Contest “House of the Future”

Contest for designers and architects “House of the Future”.
Everyone who is regisered at the VATIKAM International Association is welcome to take part.

The Competition kicksoffon 1 March 2015
Deadline for submitting the projects for the Competition: 20 April 2015.
End of the voting: 21 April 2015.
Results to be announced on: 24 April 2015.

Description of the Contest

Contenders are supposed to:

- be registered as participants of the VATIKAM project;
- have filled in all the personal information in their profiles;
- have created a new separate portfolio for the Contest “House of the Future”;
- have published specimens of their projects in the portfolio;
- by all means tick off the box “Taking Part in the Contest ‘House of the Future’”.

The Contest is held in the nominations as follows:
- 3Dmodelling;
-Interior Design.

Only one portfolio from each participant shall be eligible for the Contest, each portfolio to contain three to seven projects. Upon the conclusion of the Contest “House of the Future”, the portfolios specifically created for it may continue taking part in the main contest of the VATIKAM project “Best Projects – 2015.”

Those participants whose portfolios have gained most votes within the whole period of the Contest will gain the top three prizes.

Both the participants themselves and registered visitors may vote. For the sake of objectivity a rule is established, according to which one registered participant or user may vote for the same portfolio only once.

Prizes include special diplomas from the VATIKAM International Association, grades one to three. The projects of the top three winners in each nomination will be mentioned in a banner at the top of the main page of the VATIKAM portal for one month, from 24 April to 23 May 2015.

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House of the Future

Contest is over

Contest for designers and architects “House of the Future”.

Contest “House of the Future”

Results of contest