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Contest of architecture and design «From eco-house to eco-city».

Participants: everybody willing to, registered on the website of the International Association «VATIKAM».

Contest start date: June 1, 2018.
Work submission end date: August 30, 2018.
Voting end date: August 30, 2018.
Result announcement date: August 30, 2018.

In the modern world eco-house is not just one of the many fashion trends. Cosy and comfortable accommodation that operates with minimal damage to the environment, thereby contributing to preservation of the ecosystem of the planet as a whole. In addition, it is a way not only to live in harmony with nature, but also to economize. All systems of such house – ventilation, heating, sewerage – are built on the principles of resource saving. When designing it takes into account ecologically safe materials, the maximum use of natural light, solar panels, wind turbines and much more. Every year new ideas and technical solutions appear, interest to ecologically clean housing is continuing to grow.

International Association «VATIKAM» announces the contest «From eco-house to eco-city» and invites participants of the project «VATIKAM» to take part!

For participation in the contest it is necessary to:

- be a registered participant on the website of the project VATIKAM;
- be sure to completely fill in your profile details;
- create a new separate portfolio for the contest «From eco-house to eco-city»;
- upload samples of your works to the portfolio;
- be sure to check the option titled «From eco-house to eco-city».

Contest is held in three nominations:
- architecture;
- interior design;
- landscape design.

Each participant may upload unlimited number of portfolios.  After completion of the contest «From eco-house to eco-city», portfolios, specially created for this contest, continue to participate on the same basis in the main contest of the project VATIKAM «Best works of 2018».

Laureates of the first three awards in each nomination are participants with portfolios that get the maximum number of votes for the contest period.

Both the participants and registered visitors may vote for the participants’ works. For objectivity of voting the rule was set according to which one registered participant or user may vote for the same portfolio only once.

Contest prizes: the Winners of the contest will be awarded with special first, second, third degree diplomas from the International Association «VATIKAM». Works of three winners which took first place in each nomination will be hosted as a banner at the top of the main page of the VATIKAM website within one month (from September 01 to September 30, 2018).

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From eco-house to eco-city

Contest is over

01.06.2018 - 31.07.2018

Contest of architecture and design «From eco-house to eco-city».

Contest of architecture and design «From eco-house to eco-city».

Results of the contest «From eco-house to eco-city»