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Eighth international contest «Best works of 2021»

International Association of designers «VATIKAM» announces the start of the Eighth international contest «Best works of 2021».

Aims of the contest:
Selection of the best specialists in all nominations of the project VATIKAM, including specializations:

Branding and corporate identity,
Web design,
Game design,
Graphic design,
Decorative and applied arts,
Accessory design,
Toy design,
Interface design,
Interior design,
Logo design,
Visual arts,
Interactive design,
Landscape design,
Mobile applications,
Models and prototypes,
Industrial design,
Street art,
Typography and fonts,
Jewelry design.

Purpose of the contest:
Participants are invited to submit their new, original ideas and works, and the project VATIKAM promotes talented professionals, creates an opportunity for the practical implementation of project participants’ new ideas in all sectors of industry and design.

Type of the contest: Open contest

Participants of the contest: Are allowed to participate in the contest all interested designers and specialists of architectural and artistic professions, students and graduates of designer and art institutions registered on the website of the international Association «VATIKAM», having their own profile and portfolio.

All participants are divided into groups:

Children (under 16 years);

Registration fee: Not provided

Registration: Address of the participant registration:

Beginning of the contest and voting 01.01.2021 at 00:00.

End of the contest and voting 31.12.2021 at 24:00 Paris time.

Rules of voting and awarding:

For the participants’ works may vote both as participants so as users registered on the site.

For the objectivity of voting the rule is set by which one registered participant or user may vote for the same portfolio only once.

Laureates of the first three degrees in each specialization are participants whose portfolios for the entire period of the contest gathered the maximum number of votes.

Voting data will be continuously transmitting in the profile of each participant.

Award of the contest:

First place in each nomination (specialization): awarded with laureate diploma of 1 degree with the Honorary title «MASTER OF THE YEAR» by version of the International Association of designers «VATIKAM».

Second place: awarded laureate diploma of 2 degrees.

Third place: awarded laureate  diploma of 3 degrees.

Honorary title and diplomas to the winners of the contest are awarded in all specializations of the project «VATIKAM».

There is also provided an «Audience choice award».

Project participant with the largest number of positive comments and feedbacks for the portfolio, is awarded with the diploma «Audience choice award» and an invitation to Paris for 10 days.

Special bonuses and privileges:

Association VATIKAM, in addition to the main awards, provides for the participants’ awarding of special bonus packages, that is:

- by the decision and at the discretion of the President of the Association active and talented participants of the contest may be free (with no initial membership fee) accepted as a Member of the International Association VATIKAM (with all deriving privileges of Members of the Association).

- participants of the contest, whose works are distinguished by originality, artistic value and high level of quality, but not received the required number of votes in groups for each specialization, at the discretion of the jury members may be awarded with special diplomas of the association VATIKAM;

- laureates‘ works of the contest and finalists awarded with special diplomas of the Association, at the discretion of the administration, will take their permanent and honored place on the page «Selected works» on website of the association VATIKAM;

- information about laureates of the contest and finalists awarded with special diplomas are forwarded to employers for consideration issue of employment (at the discretion of the employers).

Place of organization of ceremonial events, where there is rewarding of winners, is at the discretion of the administration of the association. Preliminary are considered 4 cities: Paris, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg.

The date and the exact address of ceremonial events, where there will be rewarding of winners, will be announced following the results of the contest.

The administration of the contest warns: participants who use technical and other means to artificially increase votes will be disqualified and eliminated from the project.

Requirements to a participant of the contest

For obtaining official status of the participant of the Contest it is necessary to:

1.  To register on the website VATIKAM, create your profile, fill in ALL personal details in your profile;

2.  Create portfolio and place in it your works in accordance with the specializations specified on the website;

3.  To comply with the requirements of number of works in one portfolio: from 5 to 15 samples of works. Number of portfolios of one participant is unlimited.

4.  Strictly observe the rules of usage of the website VATIKAM.

A participant of the contest is prohibited to:

1.   To take part in the contest under an assumed name.

2.   To post someone else's works in your portfolio.

3.   To put in a portfolio as your works your own business cards, and also indicate on posted works either in texts of comments the member's contact information (phone number, email address, website address, icq, skype).

4.   To create several portfolios on the website, each of which contains only one work. Portfolio of the participant should necessarily contain several works, united by one specialization, course or theme.

5.   To summarize votes cast for all portfolios of one participant. Summation of votes for several portfolios of one participant of the contest is not allowed.

6.   To comment on the works of participants in different languages except for English and Russian. Comments written in other languages are deleted by the Administration.

7.   To register on the website VATIKAM nonexistent users and get their votes.

8. To violate the contest rules and terms of usage of the website VATIKAM.

International Association VATIKAM warns:

  1. Registration on the website VATIKAM nonexistent users committed by a participant of the contest or his representative with the aim of artificial increasing number of votes for a portfolio of the participant, is regarded as falsification of the vote.
  2. Guilty participant is disqualified, is eliminated from the project and is debarred from participation in the contest. Profile of the participant-violater is blocked.
  3. Adopted by the Administration of the International Association VATIKAM decision to eliminate from the project and dismissal from participation in the contest the participant for deliberate and gross violation of the terms of usage of the website VATIKAM and rules of the international contest is final and not appealable.

Terms of usage

Website of the contest

Paris, 2021

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Best works of 2021

Contest is over

01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021

International Association of designers «VATIKAM» announces the start of the Eighth international contest «Best works of 2021».

Eighth international contest «Best works of 2021»