VATIKAM is the land in web space
and it's borders are defined by genius
The international association
of designers VATIKAM

Сooperation in recruitment of personnel

The International Association of designers VATIKAM offers you help in recruitment of highly qualified personnel for your business by means of our resource.
Your company may host job announcements (without number limiting) on free basis in sections "Jobs" and  "Freelance" on the website Also you may find employees reviewing their portfolios in the section "Specialities".

A few words about us:
Our Association was registered in Paris in 2013, a huge number of designers register and post their works on our website, including specialists of architecture and art professions from different countries of the world. Today the number of regular users exceeds 120000 people. Residents of 159 countries visit our website, the most part of registered members and users of the website are from big cities and regions of Russia.
Our abilities and resource allow us to work in any country and city of the world with benefit to our partners and at competitive price. In order to support our members and increase possibilities of the Association we created sections "Jobs" and "Freelance" in March 2016 on the website VATIKAM. On the mentioned pages the employer may host on free basis his vacancies to search for designers and other required staff, and designers and other specialists may host their CVs and portfolios in search of job.
Thus we create beneficial possibility and new service for our members, help them to find work and professional orders, and for employers we give opportunity to find required specialists.

In this regard we offer you the following free and paid services.
1. Possible free services:
- Your company may post free announcement with your vacancies without number limiting on the website VATIKAM;
- Your company may create portfolio and post works which will have for you promotional value on free basis on our website;
- In our turn we can advertise and promote your projects among interested clients;
- Your company may take part in international creative contests made by us.
2. Possible paid services:
- Your company may conclude with us partnership agreement and give us for execution designer projects in any sphere of industrial design on mutually beneficial terms for a specific period and at a specified price. Order execution will be fulfilled by specialists of our Association.
- If in result of conducted advertising on the website VATIKAM the customers appear interested in your projects we may claim remuneration only by the results of concluding relevant contract between you and the client. Amount of remuneration will be discussed  beforehand  for each order, but no more than 10% of the received order value.

Taking into account that our possibilities and resource allow us to work in any country and city of the world and this is of great economic benefit to us and our partners, we consider that such interrelations are profitable both for you and for our Association.
I specify that absence of contractual relationship between us does not limit you in using our free services and website and is not an obstacle for work.
If you are interested in our offers, we are ready for more detailed communication and will be glad to cooperate.