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Contest rules

The international association of designers VATIKAM announces the establishment of an annual contest “Best Works of the Year”.

Prize fund: 10000 US dollars.

Purposes of contest:

- To attract students and graduates of designer, art and architecture schools, including specialists in designer and art professions, for participation in the project to identify the most talented;

- To attract employers for selecting and employing candidates out of the project participants;

- To attract contest participants for executing various designer and creative orders;

- To aid project participants in promoting their creative ideas, both in their country of residence and abroad.

Aim of contest: Participants are offered to showcase their new and original ideas and works.

Contest type: Open contest.

Contest participants: The contest invites for participation all interested designers and specialists of art professions, dents and graduates of designer and art schools registered on the website of the international association VATIKAM, having their own profiles and portfolios.

Age of contest participants: No restrictions

Registration fee: None

Registration: Address for participant registration:

The contest and voting begin on January 1st 2014 at 00:00.

The contest and voting end on December 31st 2014 at 24:00 (Paris time).

Voting and awarding rules:

Votes can be given for works of participants both by participants themselves and by guests and visitors.

For voting objectiveness, a rule stipulates that one registered participant or user can vote for one and the same portfolio only once.

The winners of the first three prizes are participants whose portfolio has received the most votes during the whole contest period.

The voting results will be constantly broadcasted via profiles of all participants.

Distribution of prize fund:

First place award– 5,000 US dollars.

Second place award – 3,000 US dollars.

Third place award – 2,000 US dollars.

Special bonuses and privileges:

-The association VATIKAM, in addition to the prize fund for awarding the winners, provides a special bonus package, specifically:

- The contest participants who get the most votes in their respective specialization groups but outside the three winner places receive special certificates of VATIKAM;

- Works by prize winners and association certificate recipients will get a permanent place of honor on the “Wall of Fame” on the website of the VATIKAM association;

- Information about contest winners and certificate recipients are sent to employers for employment consideration (at employer’s discretion).

The place of holding the awarding ceremony for the first contest winners is selected at the discretion of the association’s administration. Three cities are considered as preliminary options: Paris, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

The date and the exact address of the awarding ceremony for the winners will be announced separately, three months before the end of the contest.

The event administration provides a warning: those contest participants who use technical and other means of artificial vote cheating will be disqualified and banned from the project.

Requirements for the Contest participant

To obtain the official status of the Contest participant, you have to:

1.  Register on the website of VATIKAM, create your profile and fill in the personal details in the profile;

2.  Create your portfolio and post in it your works in accordance with specializations listed on the website;

3.  The recommended portfolio size is not more than 15 works;

4.  The number of portfolios per one participant is not limited;

5.  Strictly follow the rules of using the VATIKAM website.

The Contest participant may not:

1.  Enter the contest under a false name;

2.  Post somebody else's works in one's portfolio;

3.  Post one's business card sas one's works, or mention the participant's contact information (phone number, e-mail address, website address, ICQ, Skype etc.) in the posted works or commentary texts.

4.  Create several portfolios on the website, each portfolio having one work only. Each of the participant’s portfolios must have several works, united by a single specialization, direction or theme;

5.  A contest participant must not register non-existing users on the VATIKAM website and get their votes.

6.  It is not allowed to sum votes for several portfolios from one contest participant.

7.  Comments to works by participants can be posted only in English or Russian. Comments in other languages shall be deleted by the Administration.

8.  Violate any rules of the contest or rules of using the VATIKAM website.

The International Association VATIKAM is warning:

1.  Registration of non-existing users on the VATIKAM website by a contest participant or a representative thereof to artificially up-vote a participant’s portfolio is recognized as an attempt of fraud by vote falsification done to fraudulently obtain the financial reward from the prize fund of the International Association VATIKAM.

2.  The guilty participant is disqualified, removed from the project and banned from further participation in the contest. The profile of the violator is blocked.

3.   A decision made by the Administration of the project VATIKAM to remove a participant from the project and ban them from further participation for wilful and gross violation of the VATIKAM website’s Terms of Service and regulations of the international contest are final and not subject to appeal.


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The international association of designers VATIKAM announces the establishment of an annual contest “Best Works of the Year”.

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