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VATIKAM and the World Industry

The VATIKAM International Association of Designers is inviting all industrial designers, including students, to take part in our new project of “Co-operation with Car Manufacturing and Transport Mechanical Engineering Corporations of the World.” The Project is about working out surface, water, air and space transport designs.

The Project’s purpose is to let the VATIKAM International Association of Designers and its participants reach a new level of co-operation with major car makers and transport mechanical engineering corporations of the world.

To achieve this goal, our Association:

  • offers the VATIKAM Project participants a special space for them to place their portfolios;
  • grants the registered specialists a right to take part in special topical programmes;
  • selects projects by the best participants each six months and presents them to corporations concerned;
  • when inviting a specialist for a job, the Association renders full legal support in preparing documents needed to get a job in any country of the world.

The authors of the best projects and the most active participants will gain additional opportunities, including:

  • Getting their projects published on the main page of our portal;
  • Being awarded with diplomas, precious presents and special prizes from the VATIKAM International Association of Designers;
  • Taking part in international exhibitions.

Ways for co-operation:

  • The VATIKAM International Association of Designers offers enterprises from the car-manufacturing industry and transport mechanical engineering interested the best projects by the participants of our Project, thus creating opportunities for selecting and employing the designers;
  • Car-making and transport mechanical engineering corporations, along with the VATIKAM International Association of Designers, hold seminars, master classes, attract our designers to take part in their projects, select and employ them.

In such a manner, VATIKAM creates an entirely new, specific, international employment exchange for industrial, car-making and transport mechanical engineering designers.