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Third International contest of association VATIKAM “Best works of 2016”

The International association of designers VATIKAM is announcing beginning of the third international contest “Best works of 2016”.

Contest goals:
To single out the best specialists of the project VATIKAM, including specializations:
Branding and trademark style,
Web design,
Game design,
Graphic design,
Decorative and applied arts,
Accessory design,
Toy design,
Interface design,
Interior design,
Logo design,
Applied arts,
Interactive design,
Landscape design,
Mobile apps,
Models and prototypes,
Industrial design,
Street art,
Typography and fonts,
Flower design,
Jewelry design.

Contest tasks:
Contestants will be able to present new and original ideas and works, and the project VATIKAM will be promoting talented specialists, enabling implementation of participants’ ideas in all spheres of industry and design.

Contest type: Open.

Contest participants: Contest participation is available for all interested designers and specialists of architecture and art professions, students and graduates of designer and art schools registered on the website of the International association VATIKAM with personal profiles and portfolios.

All participants are divided into groups:

Minimal participant age: 16 years.

Participation fee: None.

Registration: Participant registration address:

Contest and voting start January 1 2016 at 00:00.

Contest and voting end December 31 at 24:00, Paris time.

Contest award:

The first place in each nomination (specialization): awarded with First Degree Winner diploma and the honorary title “Master of the Year” according to the International association of designers VATIKAM.
The second place: awarded with the Second Degree Winner diploma.
The third place: awarded with the Third Degree Winner diploma.
The honorary title and the diplomas are awarded in all specializations of the project VATIKAM.
The Audience Award will also be available.
The participant with the most positive commentaries and portfolio reviews receives the Audience Award diploma and an invitation to Paris for 10 days.

Voting and award regulations:

Works by participants can receive votes both from participants and from visitors and guests.
For voting objectivity, the rule is in place stipulating that one registered participant or visitor can vote for a portfolio only once.
Winners of the first three degrees in each specialization category are participants whose portfolios get the most votes for the complete voting period.
Voting data will constantly stream to each participant profile. 

Special bonuses and privileges:

The association VATIKAM is offering special bonus bundles in addition to the main awards, specifically:

- Participants with works distinguished by originality, artistic value and high quality but without the required number of votes in each specialization category at jury’s discretion may receive special diplomas of the association VATIKAM;

- Works by contest winners and finalists awarded with special diplomas at administration’s discretion may be hosted on a permanent honorary place on the “Best Works” website page of the association VATIKAM;

- Information about contest winners and finalists awarded with special diplomas will be sent to employers for consideration of employment (at employers’ discretion). 

The administration of the association will select the location for the awarding ceremony. Four cities are currently under consideration: Paris, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg.

The date and address of the award ceremony will be announced based on the contest results.

The contest administration is warning the participants: all members attempting to use technical or other means for artificial voting inflation will be disqualified and banned from the project.

Contest participant requirements

For obtaining the official contest participant status, one has to:

1. Register on the VATIKAM website, create a personal profile, and fill in ALL profile data.

2. Create a portfolio and use it to host one’s works as per specializations listed on the website.

3. Follow the rules regarding the number of works per portfolio: 5 to 15 samples. The number of portfolios per participant is not limited.

4. Strictly follow the terms of use for the VATIKAM website. 

The contest participant must not:

1. Join the contest under any name other than one’s own

2. Host someone else’s works in one’s portfolio.

3. Host one’s business cards as one’s works, as well as include into hosted works or sent comments the participant’s contact information (phone number, e-mail address, website, ICQ or Skype numbers).

4. Create several portfolios on the website, each containing a single work. A portfolio of the participant must contain several works united by a shared specialization, direction or theme.

5. Sum up the votes given for all portfolios of one participant. Summing up votes for several portfolios of one contest participant is not allowed.

6.   Comment works by participants in languages other than English and Russian. The contest administrations will delete comments in other languages.

7. Registered fake users on the VATIKAM website to receive fraudulent votes.

8. Break the contest rules and the terms of use for the VATIKAM website.

The international association VATIKAM is warning the users:

1. Registration of fake users on the VATIKAM website by a contest participant or a representative thereof for fraudulent procurement of portfolio votes is considered voting falsification.

2. A guilty participant will be disqualified, deleted from the project and banned from further participation. The profile of the fraudulent participant is blocked.

3. A decision by the administration of the International association VATIKAM to remove and ban a participant for deliberate and gross violation of terms of use for the VATIKAM website and of the international contest rules is final and not subject to any appeal.

Website terms of use:

Contest website: 

Paris, 2016

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Best works of 2016

Contest is over

The International association of designers VATIKAM is announcing beginning of the third international contest “Best works of 2016”.

The results of the third contest of the international association VATIKAM "Best works of 2016"

Third International contest of association VATIKAM “Best works of 2016”